Match Play Events Open Thread


4 player groups. Bottom player in 3 player groups got a strike. Per TGP slap slave this calculates as 96% which is what the tournament was awarded.

Should this have been 100%?


I think he knows the TGP calculations, he is questioning on why they are set this way for three strike. In otherwords is what is the methodology I always always under the impression on a high level in order to get to 26 TGP you want either 26 head to head, 19 three player games or 13 4 player games played in each type of format. Based on this rationale that is how your team derived the number of player breakdowns.


Here’s the @dbs notes for the TGP Guide:

41 player 3-Strike in 4 player groups was calculated to have a minimum number of 10 rounds and a maximum number of 14 rounds. We calculate the TGP at the average number of rounds which is 12. This is valued at 2X for 4-player groups, so it’s 24 TGP and should be 96%.


14x2 is 28 though?


Bad copy paste job . . .

Minimum is 10, Maximum is 14, Average is 12.

12 X 2 = 24 = 96% :slight_smile:


Haha. Okay then. I’ll continue to use TGP slap save calculator. Seems to be working right.