Match Play Events Open Thread


4 player groups. Bottom player in 3 player groups got a strike. Per TGP slap slave this calculates as 96% which is what the tournament was awarded.

Should this have been 100%?


I think he knows the TGP calculations, he is questioning on why they are set this way for three strike. In otherwords is what is the methodology I always always under the impression on a high level in order to get to 26 TGP you want either 26 head to head, 19 three player games or 13 4 player games played in each type of format. Based on this rationale that is how your team derived the number of player breakdowns.


Here’s the @dbs notes for the TGP Guide:

41 player 3-Strike in 4 player groups was calculated to have a minimum number of 10 rounds and a maximum number of 14 rounds. We calculate the TGP at the average number of rounds which is 12. This is valued at 2X for 4-player groups, so it’s 24 TGP and should be 96%.


14x2 is 28 though?


Bad copy paste job . . .

Minimum is 10, Maximum is 14, Average is 12.

12 X 2 = 24 = 96% :slight_smile:


Haha. Okay then. I’ll continue to use TGP slap save calculator. Seems to be working right.


Had a strange bug tonight in our people who aren’t at Pinburgh knockout. When entering results, 2nd place and 3rd place in a three player group kept swapping when I would click save results. This happened three times in a row (i deleted results each time). On the fourth what-is-happening attempt it saved normal.

Running Firefox quantum 61.0.1 OSX


Did the swapping happen before you clicked save or right after? If you can make this happen reliably I’d love an email to so we can get it sorted out.


I would click save and the results would swap. I’ll play with it to see if I can replicate it.


Does MPE support Women’s WPPRs for Women’s tournaments?


@ScoutPilgrim Match Play doesn’t concern itself with WPPRs, only IFPA deals with WPPRs. You can run any tournament you like using Match Play, including women’s events


Is there any way for someone other than the tournament organizer to get the ‘broadcast’ link? We were following WIPT on the drive home from pinburgh and it would have been cool to just load up the broadcast page because of the information it has all on one screen – but I couldn’t figure out anywhere to find the link.


You can infer it – all you need it the numeric tournament ID and you can find that on MP Live. Click the small “view details” link on the Format row: then look at the bottom.

But there’s no need. You get way more information on the regular MP Live pages


When organizing tournaments is there a way to edit my locations list? I see how to add a new one, but not delete old ones.


Exit out of the tournament and then click the “Locations” tab. There you can retire locations you’re not using regularly anymore.




Small update: You can now add arenas to your tournament based on data from! Details: OPDB: Open Pinball Database


That’s a huge update! :star_struck:


If you are adding arenas on a laptop can you have MatchPlay ask to use your location? on my laptop just now it didn’t ask and said it couldn’t add without location services


@genex if you’re in Chrome:

  • Open
  • Click the area in the URL bar that says “Secure” (to the left of the URL)
  • See what the “Camera” setting is set to. Smells like yours is set to “Block”

You can also add a location to the tournament itself (remember to add an address to the location!). Then MP will use the tournament’s location rather than your laptop’s location.