Match Play Events Open Thread


A big thumbs up on this software and I’ve signed up to the supporter level, the brilliant folks at Sunshine use it and I occasionally play in their league as I’m in NYC fairly regularly and actually it was how well those events ran that inspired me to run my own tournament series this year ( In the UK most of our leagues are scorecard based i.e. play 8 games and get the best score and I find it less interesting than playing each other (and I typically goto more US events!)

We are running a 3 round best of 2 with a finals round (A and B). So four events. we have 36 players for our first meet (capped at that as we are out of space!) and we are having 7 rounds of group matchplay aiming for about 30mins per round. So my question is (Finally I hear you say!) when I look at other events such as this one it has a time in the bottom corner, is that how long the match ran from round publish to results entered into matchplay?

Please keep up the good work on this software its fantastic and I can’t wait to run my first tournament next Sunday (we’ll be live streaming on too!)



Yeah, the timestamp is from when the round starts to when the results are submitted. If the scores are entered in promptly, it’s very useful for figuring out how long a game on a particular machine will generally run. I think it’ll even show an average game time for multiple rounds under the TD menu.


Ok I have another question.

I typically have 4 games running livestream that I can switch between in my arcade. On tournaments I leave the steam unattended - I noticed an epic feature that allows you title the stream called Broadcast link. But it requires effort unless I’m misunderstanding how it works. I’d like have a URL per arena tha I can setup on my scenes for each of the games I stream - so if for example I leave dialed in streaming and as the rounds change the players names will be updated? Is this possible? At the moment I think I have to manually update it?

Many thanks


The broadcast link shows the players and arenas for current rounds AFAIK. If you wanted a broadcast URL for each game I think you would need to set up a separate event for each game.

You can designate an event as a test when you set it up by using the checkbox near the upper left. This will allow you to ‘run’ an event and see what would be being broadcast at any given time without the event being visible to the world on


Yeah but I’d have thought adding a broadcast link to each arena makes more sense atlesst to me it does :slight_smile: I wonder if the API could do it.



Seems to be what I was looking for! Just need to knock up some HTML to do what I need. @mwelsh have you already done this maybe? :slight_smile:



In layman’s terms will this allow you to show the current matchup of that particular game when you switch to that game’s scene? If so, this is great and I’d like to do it as well.


exactly! and you can do it with some code but I’m going to request a feature for this as it’ll make it simpler for me:

(its a test tourney I’m playing with at the moment)

What I want is a URL that is this:

and leave that on my dialled in scene on xsplit and then as the rounds and players change so does the output of that URL.

Vote here for this feature :smiley:



We played a progressive 12-strike tourney last night. A player got added after round one with 3 strikes. We were running it swiss style. This player remained in the group with the most strikes all night. Finally the TD started manually swapping him into the top group, when he was the player with the least strikes in the tourney. At one point he had 5 strikes and was in a group of three where both his opponents had 11 strikes. Is there a way to fix adding players late so that they don’t group wrong in swiss formats?


I like the idea. The tricky part is what happens when there are multiple groups assigned to that arena?


Where’s your tournament at?



yes I see what you mean - like a pinburgh style round where you have more than one game per round? Thats not something I’ll ever need :smile: I guess in that situation you either list all the players or none?



I looked at the code again (it’s hard to keep it all fresh). Because of… reasons progressive strikes tournaments has to build it’s standings by looking at how many games a player has played. When someone is added to a tournament late, it means they’ll always have played the fewest amount of games and as a result they’ll float to the bottom of the standings.

I’ll give it another round of thinking – no good solutions come immediately to mind :frowning:


Wouldn’t normally everyone still in the tournament have the same number of games played? I don’t see how standings are dependent on number of games played except for eliminated players.

If someone is added late they should start with strikes plus virtual/imaginary games where they received those strikes, maybe?


In progressive strikes people don’t play the same amount of games. If you’re eliminated in round 5 you’ve played 5 games. If you’re eliminated in round 6 you’ve played 6 games.

With progressive strikes you can end up in a situation where a player eliminated in round 5 have fewer strikes than a player eliminated in round 6. So the initial standing has to be number of games played first, followed by number of strikes.

In an ideal world the TD would be able to tell the software how many games a late-arriving player missed, but the system is not setup that way right now and making such a change will be… complicated.


Yes, I use the MatchPlay API for our streams to do exactly as you describe. (thx Andreas!) I have a webpage in each scene that automatically grabs live player info for that specific table. Been using it in our streams for about a year. I’m hoping to share it soon, it’s a little cobbled together for my particular setup, so I’d have to clean it up for general consumption. (I’m not a web programmer! :slight_smile: )


Mate :slight_smile: we’re not precious about perfectly formed POSIX.1 code here :slight_smile:


one of my players is trying to register but is getting this message:

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 21.19.15 1

what is causing this? he has no email registered at IFPA?