Match Play Events Open Thread


What’re you talking about everything looks great to me :wink:

(there was a problem, I fixed it just now)

When displaying the table of match results the points (1.5) were being rounded to remove the decimals. That’s was wrong. So now they’re not being rounded for display and all is well in the world.

Thanks for letting me know!


Makes total sense now… Thanks! :slight_smile:

(just fyi…it still shows rounded up (2 not 1.5) in the projector view)


:man_facepalming: I’m going to be rebuilding that projector view really soon now. It’s so janky :cry:


We were using the broadcast link for streaming and we couldn’t get it to shrink. If we adjusted the size of it, it got all messed up. Ideas? We were using xsplit


Ah yes, it’s locked to that size to make it easier to embed. If it was fluid you’d be juggling the size of your browser window to get just the right size every time. I’m open to any and all ideas on how to improve but I know 0% about streaming and embedding so I need your help


So when you made that, what determines its size? Just make that smaller? :smirk:

Jk. I have no idea how that works. I’ll play around with it and se if there is a work around.


I either made it the same size @kdeangelo’s was at the time or I made it whatever size the City Champ broadcast people requested. I don’t remember which :slight_smile:


Put it in a browser window then region-capture that window in Xsplit. Should be able to shrink it then.


Group Bracket - PAPA Scoring - Bracket Size 8

When you complete Round 1 and start Round 2, it doesn’t appear you can go back and adjust Round 1?


not after you started the next round unless you haven’t entered any results - then you can delete round 2 and go back to round 1 i think and adjust things. you can also adjust points if you can’t go back. I think that’s under the Players tab


What Gene said. You can go back if there are no results in round two. If you’ve entered a couple, just delete those results, then delete round two, then round 1 will reopen.


Hi Andreas, I have an event where I manually registered a person (Player A), but then Player B signed up for the tournament and claimed Player A, so it’s crossed in terms of who the tournament thinks they are. I’ll send you a PM with specifics, but wanted to write to the open thread to see if this is something I can fix myself or not.


If you deactivate the player you added manually your tournament should progress normally. If bother players have results you’re in trouble.

After the tournament try merging the two players. It’ll probably fail because both players played in the same tournament but it’s worth a shot (I don’t remember the implementation details exactly for merging players)


“I’m going to be rebuilding that projector view really soon now. It’s so janky :cry:

Please! And when you do, if you could have an option to replace the queue which we don’t use with the current standings on each machine (cycled) that would be awesome. I have put this in your feature tracking site.


Is there a simple way to find out a player’s matchplay id so you can challenge them?


I’ll make sure to accommodate everything added to the feedback forums when I rebuild the projector view


Two options:

  • If you’re standing next to the other player, have them go to their “Public profile” (click the little “person” icon in the top right. Their public profile will show their ID
  • If you’re not standing next to the other player I think the easiest right now is to go to and search for them. Click on the “Player Identities” tab and you can get to their public profile from there

Clearly I have soem work to do tying all these things together better!


When organizing a tournament using “Arena Banks” is there a way to tell Matchplay to rotate the player order on the games?

Example: Bank of two games - Game one Comet, game two Diner
Players: Alice, Bob, Cindy, Dick
If the Comet player order is Alice, Bob, Cindy, Dick I would like the Diner player order to be Cindy, Dick, Alice, Bob. Essentially rotating everyone up two positions on the second game.
This way both games can start at the same time and there will be less waiting.

In a bank of three or more games (Kiss, Metallica, Congo)
Player order would rotate one postion. Alice, Bob, Cindy, Dick on Kiss.
Bob, Cindy, Dick, Alice on Metallica.
Cindy, Dick, Alice, Bob on Congo.

Currently I’m changing the player order manually.


Look at the print scoresheet page…you will see a drop down menu to leave player Oder as is, blank, or remove the section all together!

I’d leave it blank and they can write the correct order when they play.


Nothing is written. No scoresheets are printed. Players use the website to see the play order and enter finishing postion & scores.