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I have been wondering, why is there not an option to award zero wins to a person with a bye in a 3 strikes tournament? I am of the personal belief that a bye should not count as a win, and go through the results after the fact and adjust for ties before submitting to the IFPA or a 3 strikes league results page.
If one player goes 0-3, and another player goes 0-3 with a bye (so they are eliminated in round 4) is there a way to have them tie in the software?


The option doesn’t exist because I never considered it and no one ever asked for it. This is a good candidate for a suggestion to add to the feedback forums :slight_smile:


Thanks, will do!


I’ve pushed out a new balancing algorithm for player pairings. Only player pairings, not arena/machine selection. You should see fewer repeat opponents, but I’d love to hear if you notice a difference.

For the nerds: The new algorithm is implemented as a greedy algorithm (the old one was completely random).


New tournament format: Ladder Brackets

Now you can run your very own PAPA Circuit Final using Match Play. Ladder brackets work just like the PAPA Circuit Final:

Bottom four seeds play against each other. Last place finisher is eliminated and the next player on the ladder is added to the next game. It keeps going like that until all players have been eliminated.

On each game players are listed in order of original seed so it’s easy to see who has choice of game etc. Remember: You can always change player positions by clicking the “cog” icon.


Is there a way to pick games out of turn in a round robin scenario? To speed our tournament up we usually just pick one player that are free as we are going to play them all anyway. It is a bit awkward to search through all rounds to find that specific match, especially if there are 30 people attending :slight_smile:
Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but reading all 665+ posts felt a bit like the issue I described :slight_smile:


The new SCS format? :grin:


@Peo I think I’d recommend disabling arena selection completely for your round robin tournaments and handle it outside the software. I can only imagine the amount of scrolling needed to find the right matches. If you are using “random” machine selection in MP, you can use a randomizer app to pick a random machine for people. If you’re using “balanced” the balancing is probably not very good for your tournament anyway (due to the nature of a round robin) and you can do random instead.

If you happen to be playing double round robins a good idea can be to have each player pick a machine to play on. Then you don’t need any apps at all to pick machines.

Does that help?


Now with even more waiting around!


Just need 1 game though? :yum:


Sadly, this is how we play it nowadays. We tried using your software for one tournament but the scrolling were not that popular with the people involved. This of course would mean that these tournaments are a bit tough to get into the ratings system if I were to enter these manually afterwards (as I would have to scroll through the rounds to find the games played out of order). Is there a easy way to do this,like injecting a CSV or similar into your database instead?
Thanks for the response, I’ll go back to wishing for the double elimination bracket to be completed :slight_smile:


If you enable player suggested results, players can suggest results from their own phones. Then they only have to scroll through their own games to enter results. You’d have the same problems with arena selection still – not sure why any of the workarounds I suggested won’t work :man_shrugging:

You can submit any tournament into the ratings system. All you need is:

There is not a way for people to mass-submit results to a tournament created on Match Play. It’s not really how anyone uses the software :slight_smile:


Looking through my original question I probably was a bit vague, it was not ‘game’ choice that was the issue, but rather finding the ‘match’ in the rounds list… sorry about that :slight_smile:
I’ll look through the documentation to see if we can make it work, thanks :slight_smile:


We’ve been running many of these Flip Frenzy tournaments over in Australia for 2 years now. It is one of the most popular formats because you play lots of pinball, beginners play the most games and they are involved all the way to the end of the tournament, and it finishes in 3 hours with a high TGP so great for week nights. There is no need to add software support for the queue, just scoring. The queue handles itself.


I will need to implement the queue because it will make it much faster to enter results (no need to find player names in a list) and it’ll make it possible for players to submit their own results (also making things faster)


@onetaste how do you think Australians would feel about this queueing rule used by @coreyhulse? It’s what I’m planning on implementing since it’s so much easier to understand than any other Flip Frenzy queueing rule I’ve heard of.

We made a change that instead of winner-leaves-except-in-specific-cases, we said you’re going to always play two games on a machine. P1 becomes P2, and P2 leaves the game. New person who comes onto the game is P1. It worked a LOT smoother as people always knew they were playing two games on each machine.

Full post: Pinball! Pinball! Pinball! Tournament report and format discussion


Create playoffs before qualifying tournament is done

Based on suggestions in the feedback forums I’ve adjusted how the “create playoffs” page works.

You can now create the playoffs tournament ahead of time. No more worrying that you got the tournament configuration correct since you can do it all ahead of time instead of scrambling last minute.

You can also choose between a number of different formats (like group elimination/PAPA finals or a ladder bracket) and MP will create a playoffs tournament with some sensible defaults.

I also added “group match play” to that page to make it clear that it’s the best way to handle a four-player final.

Return the the “create playoffs” page after your completed the qualifying tournament to pull players into the playoffs (as you’re used to).


When creating playoffs, can they be “part of a series” or is it still better to not choose that option?


@JimiWolf you should 100% not add the playoff tournament to the series. I will (eventually) add a different option where you can create a playoff for an entire series


Might have been answered before, but playing group play 4-player games (3-2-1-0 scoring) and one group is 3-player the live output shows 3-2-0 scoring, but in the standings it is calculated as 3-1.5-0…

Example: (Test tournament) (Player is ranked as 5th in the standings with 12.5 points.)

Which one is correct ? to me it probably does not matter, but would be good to know when I write the rules (regarding scoring) for the tournament :slight_smile: