Match Play Events Open Thread


You can use the “rotating” option for “player order” and players will be rotated one spot for each subsequent game in the round. There’s no option to rotate by two spots.


Added a few suggestions, this is a great idea to have a site with voting for features.


@haugstrup we use the “automatically approve scores” feature for our league, but we’ve noticed that sometimes it still requires the TD to go in and manually approve. Sometimes it never automatically approves the scores. It’s very intermittent — do you know why?


I’ve got it set up like that too. I think what’s going on is that the results were approved (most of the time), but the page needs to be refreshed to reflect those results. I noticed this when players would show me the results appearing on their phones but not on the computer.


Hrm, no I don’t know. I don’t think a lot of people use that feature, but we use it for SFPD and have 70 submit scores that way every other week and I’ve never seen that problem :frowning:

Do you have players enter arenas? Do you have players enter game scores?


I didn’t know players could enter arenas! No, we have players submit full scores for the matches (ie not finishing order)


Yes, I’ve noticed a hard refresh will update to submissions. I need to check if it does this 100% of the time.


It’s quite hidden, but if you set the arena selection option to “manual” players will be able to submit which machine they played. I really need to get a handbook written for Match Play…

Are you checking the “Rounds” page right after results have been submitted? That page only updates once a minute so you can definitely get into a state where it looks like results haven’t been submitted even though they have. A hard refresh or clicking the “fetch results” button should get you the latest state every time.


Just leverage PinTips and make a “MatchPlay Tips” one :joy:

I did learn this week about the tiebreaker options. Didn’t realize they were built in already like the option for “# of 1st places, then # of 2nd places” as a tiebreaker or the reverse, etc. Those are great features!


This might have been answered previously, but I can’t seem to find it.

Can the number of strikes for knockout or group knockout be edited after the tournament is created? Prior to the start of the tournament I see you can use the “Big Screen View” that shows everyone’s name that has been registered. The problem is that I have to create the tournament to get that view. What I run into is needing to change the number of strikes based on turnout.

What I have to do now is wait until everyone is registered to determine the number of strikes so I can’t use the big screen view until that time. Am I missing a button somewhere?


You should be able to do this - you should create the tournament and choose your anticipated number of strikes to create it, then add players, etc. and as long as you don’t click “start tournament” until you’ve edited the tournament details to your final number of strikes, you should still be able to use the big screen view to see your players and arenas during the registration process.


Hey Andreas,

Is it possible to add an option to eliminate the bottom 2 players per round instead of just the bottom player when using the Ladder bracket format?

Would this even make sense? I’m thinking it would be nice to have the option to shorten finals by 50% while still keeping the ladder format.


Thanks. You were correct. I’m not sure how I missed that the last million times I used the software. :flushed:


Anything is possible given enough time. This would be a great suggestion to add to the feedback forums at :slight_smile: