Match Play Events Open Thread


No worries, the missing score wouldn’t have saved my crappy play that day anyway :wink:

I didn’t notice any other modal dialog where the shroud dismiss is an issue. Other cases I noticed there’s a clear visual identification of the expected action outcome from a modal. But in the best game format the state after the modal is dismissed is the same regardless of a score was submitted or the modal was cancelled.

Feel free to ping me directly if I’m not making any sense :slight_smile:


We run a 12-week series and last time we ran it, I did balanced across the series for the first week and had some unusual situations that led me to change the rest of the tournaments back to just balanced and I’d forgotten to ever ask you about the problems I had. It looks like on the first night we had two rounds in a row where 3 out of 4 of the players were the same back to back and a couple people that not only played together two rounds in a row but they played the same game together back to back… I’d never encountered something like that with balanced so I switched it back the next week and tried the balanced series again in week 3 and can’t remember what it was but got some oddities then too so I just made all of them balanced after that.

I guess my question is did you have any other concerns about the pairings with balanced across a series that may have been updated since January when I used it, and also I’m heading in to week 3 of a new 12 week series and I used balanced for the first two weeks. If I were to change it to balanced across a series now, would it take the first two weeks in to account for week 3’s pairings?

The series where I used balanced across for two of the weeks is here:



Yes! It was super wonky right at the start. First it didn’t work right at all and then it was not balancing quite right. It’s still not as good as I want when you have a ton of games played, but it has been totally useable for a long time now. We use the setting in our local league so I get many in-person complaints whenever it breaks.


Hi. I was playing around with Card-based Best Game format earlier today. I’m a little confused about how this should work in practice, though this may partly be down to my unfamiliarity with the original PAPA format this is based on.

So in my scenario I have 8 games available, and players can choose any 4 for their card. But the bit I’m not sure about is that Match Play forces me to enter the games when creating the card?

This means I can’t (for example) give the player a card, explain ‘pick four unique games’ then let them loose. I either need them to pick the games before they start, or there is something else I’m not understanding about how we can input scores on a partially complete card.


Forcing you to enter all games when the card is created is a limitation of Match Play, not the a requirement of the tournament format. For boring technical reasons it’s significantly easier to do my programming with that limitation in place.

For even more silly reasons, you can actually modify the arenas after the card has been marked as complete (you do this in the normal tournament organizer area by clicking “modify card”).

I think you have three options with their own trade-offs:

  1. Force players to pick their arenas when the card is created
  2. Use paper sheets until the card is completed, then fill in the entire card in one go
  3. Create four dummy arenas (Arena 1, Arena 2 etc.) and create all cards using these four arenas. Do scorekeeping using MP and when the cards are completed go in and change the arenas. This will only work with a small number of cards because so much clicking.

I would recommend solution number 1. It’s what they did for the German Pinball Open (800 cards created)


For Player registration = Players can add themselves

  1. Is it possible to cap the amount of participants?
  2. Is it possible to see the date/time when folks have registered?
  3. When a cap is met, people can be placed in a waiting list?



Vote now!


Voted, thanks!

(Also, good idea :wink:)


I have a quick question about notifications. I was interested in the text notifications so I signed up with my personal email account, as opposed to the one I use to organize the events, and went to the notification section. It says “you will receive 25 text messages for free.”

I’m assuming that means after 25, I need to pay. How much are they? Is that 25 per event or 25 total for the account?


Sorry for the late response @Spyderturbo007 – I’ve been out of town all week without an internet connection.

Unless you have special needs it’s probably easier to you keep just one user account. Otherwise it can get confusing and annoying having to switch between accounts all the time.

Anyway, on to SMS notifications. The 25 refers to 25 total text messages – I pay for the text messages so there has to be a hard limit. Any time you you a notification for a new game to play you will receive a text message. So for a 6 round tournament you’ll get 6 text messages (maybe a few more in case there are arena updates to send).

Text messages are tied to a user account so each user has to add their phone number to their MP user account. However, as a tournament organizer you can offer text messages for tournaments you run to be debited from your account (i.e. you are paying for text messages for everyone in the tournament). This is a popular option if you have a league or lots of regulars since you’ll be the only one messing with a credit card.

You can see the pricing when you go to add more messages. Currently the pricing is:

200 messages: $5
550 messages: $10
1500 messages: $25


is this messaging for US only or does it work worldwide?


It’s US and Canada only at the moment. Pricing for AUS is quite prohibitive. I’m not opposed, but I would have to do a bunch of work on my end to charge different amounts for different countries. So far it’s been too much work for the amount of use text messages see.

Outside North America I encourage people to get the Slack notifications setup since those are free everywhere.


Don’t bother, mate, the tournaments we run in Oz are typically 20-40 people so we don’t need it.


I’ve added an initial version of challenge matches to Match Play and I would love some feedback. A challenge match is a best-of-7 (or 3 or 5 or 9) series of games between two players. It works like this:

  • One person (the challenger) sends a challenge to another person (the opponent)
  • The opponent accepts (or rejects) the challenge
  • Players play out the series, with the challenger recording the results are each game
  • Match Play will automatically complete the challenge when the requisite amount of wins has been reached
  • Past results are available for your viewing

This is the basic first version that I intend to improve on so I would love your feedback! On the Match Play Live home screen you’ll see a Challenge Matches button. If you’re out playing pinball this weekend with a friend, click that to get started!

I already have a list of things to improve, but I’d like your raw feedback :slight_smile:

The likely next step is to start calculating glicko ratings based on these results, so don’t screw around and enter dummy results, please!


Is there a way to export arenas, players, or previously configured tournaments for other TDs to use? Dug around for a bit but didn’t see anything besides the batch add players by ifpa number.


There’s not – it’d be a good candidate for the feedback forums:


Small update while I work on bigger things. You can now choose “progressive strikes” as an option when creating a group knockout tournament (it’s under “number of strikes in four-player groups”). What is this? In the words of Josh Sharpe:

I’ve had the thought of doing the “World Series of Pinball” for a few years . . . a giant 4-player match player strike style tournament where every player gets 27 outs (strikes). 1st place gets you 0 outs, 2nd place gets you 1 out, 3rd place gets 2 outs, 4th place gets you 3 outs. Play until you hit 27 outs and you’re done. Last player standing wins.


Greatttttt . . . now that there’s software to handle this, I’m running out of excuses to NOT do this :-\


With 27 outs you won’t be eliminating a single player until round 10 starts. If you’re lucky and someone looses 9 games in a row. May I suggest running this over a looooooooong weekend? :stuck_out_tongue:


@heyrocker and I were chatting yesterday trying to estimate how long this would take with 100 players. 8 hours per day for 2 weeks straight? :slight_smile: