Match Play Events Open Thread


Can I create playoffs with results from a series? I don’t see a link to do that on my series page like I do on the individual tournament page.


There’s no automated way yet. So you just create a new tournament as usually. One day there’ll be a way to link that tournament back to the series it came from, but that day isn’t today :frowning:


I’ll add this to the feedback forums to get it documented… :slight_smile:


Even better!


Is there any way to use the feedback forums without signing up for yet another spammy service? Throwaway account I’m guessing?


All my posts have been anonymous. Just click the link and post a suggestion.


Awesome, thanks for the info! I hadn’t checked since the feedback forum went up, at that point it seemed like it required an account with an email for notifications.


Unfortunately, I don’t really have much insight/control. I’m seeing plenty of anonymous votes/comments so it must be possible to be anonymous. I had been wanting to add feedback forums with voting for over a year, but never had the time to build something myself, so when I found an existing service I could use I jumped on it. I hope it’s worth using – I’m getting incredible value out of the ideas and votes people submit.


Oh and if you leave your email along with a vote, suggestion or comment you will receive an email whenever I post an update for that suggestion! That part is pretty neat :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s good in my book.


Oddly, I’m unable to access the feedback forums right now… (ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED)

Is it just me?


Just you:


Has something changed recently with the projector view? At the moment I’m seeing it displaying the arenas correctly, but not sorting the scores in the arenas?

Is that right?

My test tourney here:


I haven’t changed anything in a while, but who knows. Can you email me a link to your projector view at ?


We had a problem with the site this weekend. We were trying to run our Cincy Pinball Championship 2 and the site was not refreshing right?? (Not sure how to word it?) It would work if you put someone in a que…but then when it refreshes itself, it never removed anyone from the que unless you refreshed it manually it kept everyone that had ever been in the que it didn’t remove them even after they had played…We were using a laptop to an extended screen. but we tried it without the extended screen and it did the same thing. We also contacted a friend that has MatchPlay and his did it also (at his house). So the entire weekend during our tournament it took extra helpers because the players never knew where they were in the que unless it was refreshed manually every couple minutes. Or they asked one of the score keepers.



@Butterflygirl24 that really sucks. I’m sorry the projector/big screen wasn’t updating. Can you send me a link to the big screen/projector page for your tournament to ?


Lots of stuff going on behind the scenes to make it easier to administer players, but not much visible yet. One small thing did go out just now: The “Identities” tab. You’ll find it here:

It lists all the players you have “claimed” under different tournament organizers. Use it to double-check you didn’t claim to be someone else by accident. MP will also attempt to guess any unclaimed players from tournaments past (based on your name) so you can claim them.

On the front page of MP Live you will see this message if MP thinks you should go claim some old players:

I hope you will encourage your friends to go claim their old players because I’m working on head-to-head results statistics and they’ll be a lot better if MP knows who you really are!


Oh hey, it’s possible to replace players in games now. If you replace a player in a completed game results will also be updated. You can even replace the player in a bye game (you cannot yet delete games or create new games at will).

Goes sort of like this:

Hit me up if you find any problems! It’s a slightly dangerous area of MP to make changes in :slight_smile:

Official Critical Hit Thread

What if I have a tournament where I started a round then realized last minute some people couldn’t make it. Anyway to go back, deactivate them, then rerun the round? It would help with the balanced groupings for my league.


If no players have started playing yet, delete the entire round, deactivate the player and redraw a new round.

If players have started playing, you are so-out-of-luck. If it’s just one or two people, run the groups with no-shows as three-player groups. Use the “adjust points” feature to adjust the points for the affected players.

If one of the no-shows is in a three-player group (making it a two-player group) I would consider using the new feature above :point_up: to fiddle with the groups so the no-show is in a four-player group (making it a three-player group).

If this is a regular occurrence and you have a reasonably sized turnout (e.g. 35 or fewer people) I would strongly encourage you to do a roll call before you start the tournament. That way you can catch any players that didn’t show up.