Match Play Events Open Thread


Noted @genex!


@coreyhulse I can add a new Best Game scoring option for you no problem. Are you using the values from the 90% rounded points column? (there’s some manual labor involved and I only want to add scoring systems in actual use)


Odd thing I’m seeing. Figured I’d post here instead of directly bugging you and seeing if others have the issue.

My players list is extensively long. Along with games list. Going through trying to clean up some players/fix IFPA names and numbers and I noticed that my list isn’t complete. I get to I think the end of the S’s and then a few that have lower case letters to start(Since it sorts those differently for some reason) And then no more names. None of my T players on. They show up when I’m entering names on tournaments but not on my general TD account page. Would love to start deleting and not just retiring players/games. Many duplicates now and mis spellings and games I know will never come back for us :wink:


@JSwain: You have more players than anyone else using Match Play. It’s quite likely that I put some limit in that I since forgot about. I’m guessing you’re seeing maybe 500 players and nothing after that. Let me take a look tonight or tomorrow morning and see if there isn’t a limit there.

More and more TDs are hurting because they have more players and arenas than I anticipated when I created MP two years ago. It’s very high on my list to get the player and arena interaction redesigned so it’s easier to deal with large amounts of players and arenas.


Interesting. NEPL has 250 players. Finals has been up to 160 at its highest. Capping finals at 96 this weekend. Our weekly knockouts are drawing in50+ on a monday night. With at least 5 or so new faces every week. Final battle is another 100 players with some NEPL overlap. I bet if I could delete player from my account I could clean it up to the possible 500 cap you might have.

Glad your having this problem! When I was working with you and you were kinda beta testing this with our spring open we did after our first final battle we were only around 40 players or so!

Unfortunately with Pin Wiz likely closing that is a VERY large chunk of games I can cross off my matchplay account. Definitely some overlap between us and there so not all will be cleared out. Still need about 50 games listed for us here.

Hopefully we cross paths this year at pinburgh. I still owe you a drink for all this. Most events I’ve run wouldn’t be so smooth without Match Play.


There was indeed an arbitrary limit of 500 players shown on that page. You have 552 players. I’ve increased the limit to 1000 so you should be good for another couple of years. :slight_smile:

Hit reload in your browser and you should be good to go!


Sweet! Now let me delete people :wink: Feels good to be able to clean up my account. Its getting messy!


Yes, we’ll be using from the 90% rounded column. Thank you!


Here’s a photo of the screen I display at my tournaments during qualifying. 8 windows open showing overall leaderboard and leaderboards for7 arenas. It takes up a lot of my time individually refreshing all 8 windows every couple of minutes. We only have 20-30 players so we don’t use queues, however in best game format everyone likes to gather round the screen to see how they are fairing, chat about it and make decisions. When you do the upgrade to the big screen view it would be awesome if queues could optionally be replaced with individual arena leaderboards (and scroll thru all machines).


@onetaste this is super useful for me to see. It basically tells me what the revamped big screen view should look like.

I can save you a bit of time already though because the Match Play live pages can auto refresh.

Take a regular scores page like this:

Add &refresh=60 to the end of it like this:

Now the browser will automatically refresh every 60 seconds.

It also works with the standings page. Take this:

And turn it into (note that we use a ? here because there isn’t one already):


@coreyhulse Give your browser a reload and you should see a “90% decay” option when creating a best game tournament.


Place for people to request and vote on features?

Since it’ll cost me $30 to send out a newsletter these days I thought I would gauge interest here first. Would anyone be interested in a place where Match Play users can:

  • See list of features considered for development
  • Request new features
  • Vote on suggested features

This would not be a place to report bugs or problems with Match Play. Only a place for new stuff.

I ask because I spend quite a bit of time responding to the same feature requests and though it would be nice to have a public page to send people to. The voting would also help me gauge interest so I spend my time on the stuff that people care about.

At the same time I would also have to spend some time setting up this new site (using most likely) and people would be required to create a user account.

Opinions, suggestions? “Likes” on this post will be interpreted as “yes, I would like to see such a thing”


Wow, that is brilliant, thanks, that will save me sitting at the desk all day!


Special preview of the place where you can suggest features and vote on the suggestions:

I’ve taken the liberty of adding the suggestions I hear the most often and some of the ideas I’m most excited about.

I’ll start promoting this in wider circles soon, but thought I’d give everyone here a head start. Head over to to get started!


Saw it already, there is a link to the page at the bottom of that will take you there. Awesome. Can I just say again how much I appreciate what you are adding to the sport of competitive pinball!


So playing around with how I want to display the tournament standings/results on my big screen during a tournament. Group matchplay is the format and when I bring up the Big screen view, it shows the games in progress, recent results, and the standings. I think this is the information I want, but without Making the font really small, it is hard to show all the information of the games in progress and recent results without having to scroll to see them all. I think we have talked about this before, but is there any way to customize the big screen view to show only the games in progress or only the recent results? I only saw mention of someone requesting it, not anything about if it is possible or not.

Also it appears that the past results only show the previous round’s results and do not change until the subsequent round is finished. Would be cool to see the games of the current round that are finished show here instead, so that the games in progress will move to the recent results one by one so you can keep up to date on the current round’s completed matches. I think that is more relevant in real time than staring at the last round’s results for the entire next round leaving you wondering what happened in the current round’s matches. I know there is other ways to see this info under the player screens, but would be nice to see it on the Big Screen view.



@chuckwurt It would be perfect if you could add all this great feedback here:


Done! I’m the mystery poster but added my request. Thanks!


I’ll take feedback under any name you want as long as you leave it :slight_smile:


It has begun:

This is just another plug for The MP feedback forums – more ideas have been added and you should totally go add all your ideas for Match Play Events on that website. I look at the ideas posted and the votes obsessively.

There’s still few enough people voting that it’s easy to game the system. So if you want influence…