Match Play Events Open Thread


@jdelz thanks for the follow-up information on email. I found a fixed a problem where in some cases the player order option would display ‘balanced’ but would save as ‘disabled’. Things should be better now!


Card-based Best Game tournaments

I’ve enabled card-based best game tournaments in Match Play. This is just my generic term for a PAPA championships style best game tournament where players complete a “card” of games and the value of each card is compared to determine the winner.

There are two types of scoring:

  • All cards counted: This is how scoring is done for PAPA
  • Newest card replaces existing card: The newest card submitted is the only one that counts, even if it’s worth less than any previous cards. Some Super Leagues use this format

There are a couple of additional configuration options (limit how many cards can be submitted and how many games are included on each card). It’s also possible for players to submit their own suggested cards, just like other tournament formats.

I have to thank the German Pinball Association and @heyrocker for their feedback and help in testing this format!


Suggestion for submitting scores from mobile devices.

Specifically Android devices, can you add the option to select photos from the Gallery app? On my Android and everyone else’s I’ve looked at, you have to select the device storage and navigate to the picture folder (DCIM) and then find the picture rather than use the Gallery app that makes it easier to find the photo.


Are you using the stock browser or Chrome? If you’re not using Chrome can you try in Chrome?


Wondering why I did not receive Slack notifications while playing my most recent tournament, having remembered to turn them on a couple rounds in.

Is it possible that a tournament I previously participated in, having not yet been closed by the director, could block Slack notifications from a tournament I’m currently participating in?


@hipsmart No, you can have notifications running for multiple tournaments. Could I trouble you for an email to with a link to the tournament? Then I can dig a bit deeper.


Couple of things

  1. How do I get the order to appear the same on both the desktop version and the mobile version when I have 4 player match play?
  2. We like to use a tv screen to show all the groupings for players who don’t want to check their mobile device or don’t have a smartphone. However the only way I can fit multiple groups on the screen is to zoom way out in the browser. Is there a better way to display the groups on 1 screen?


Are you using chrome? Internet explorer was all kinds of goofy when I used that.


Chrome yes


Can you link me to your tournament? The player order will be the same except whenever the “numbers” used for determining player order are identical. E.g. if you’re using “current position in tournament” and players are tied. In those cases the tournament organizer app and Match Play Live won’t always show the same order (for boring technical reasons).

Until I get that fixed I recommend that you use the player order as displayed on Match Play Live so your players can use their phones to look up player order. Or if it matters a lot to you, use a different method for determining player order.

Unless of course I have introduced different bugs, but I can check that if you link me to your tournament!

The “big screen” view is the solution but it’s also a bit of a mess. Three things:

  1. There’s no great solution right now
  2. The big screen view needs to be redone from the ground up, but even now it’s likely going to be displaying more groups than a MP Live page zoomed out
  3. I will be making MP Live pages more compact in the future (smaller fonts and margins)


Here’s the event. I didn’t realize that the difference was the tournament organizer vs the match play live. In the future I’ll make sure to show the match play live view on the tv.


@timballs I see you use “current tournament position” for the player order so it’s fortunately the same known bug and not a new issue.

The difference is between MP Live and “everywhere else”. E.g. the tournament organizer and the big screen view will display the same order, only MP Live will be different. Having to deal with “ties” in this manner was something I didn’t consider and it’s annoyingly difficult to fix.


A couple of Round Robin updates today:

  • You can select “balanced” for arena draws on Round Robin tournaments
  • You can award a point for bye games in Round Robin tournaments. This is only useful because:
  • You can play Round Robin as WCS-style groups (that’s World Cup Soccer). You choose how many players you want in each group and players play a Round Robin only within that group. This is a thing that Europeans do.

@chuckwurt Never say never. I got the balanced arenas added a mere 9 months after you asked!


forgot to let you know about another bug I found when I ran B-Division finals as Round Robin. I had checked the “automatically approve suggested results” but it always would ask me to approve the results instead of automatically doing it.

I def like this new feature and may try it out next season in Selfie League - using bowling for the first time on Monday night!


@genex Well, that’s annoying! Email me a link to the tournament. I want to poke a bit at the data…


Minor feature request:

Ability for players to void or edit submitted, but not yet (verified|confirmed|whatevertheappropriatetermis) ‘selfie’ submissions.

I have a really bad habit of fat-fingering score entries or submitting scores for the wrong game, so it would be nice to have the ability to edit submissions before they are confirmed.


Two things you can do/know:

  1. you can just submit the score correctly afterwards and as someone who runs a lot of selfie leagues it’s not a big deal if I see that a corrected submission is already uploaded then I’ll just delete the wrong one and approve the correct one

  2. if the score submitted is fat fingered but on the correct game, administrators can manually adjust the score to be correct but that doesn’t address your issue if you submit the score for the wrong machine (but for that see #1 above).


I agree and I will make that possible at some point. I’ve been playing a waiting game to see if selfie leagues would disappear with the new WPPR rules, but it doesn’t look that way so I really have no excuses anymore. :slight_smile:


Oh one thing for the selfie scoring approvals is often people submit a game for the wrong arena. It’d be great to be able to change the arena that the score is for on the back end. Often I have no way to contact people about a game submitted wrong whereas a score that’s fat fingered, I can adjust the score on the back end but not the actual machine. Thx!


Hi @haugstrup, I am wondering if I could make a request for a Best Game scoring scheme based on Decay Rate, inspired in part by Bowen’s commentary on Decay Rates in the PAPA Scoring Schemes post. We’ve used a modified version of a 90% decay in some of the best game tournaments that we’ve hosted, and I’m hoping that a similar scale can be accommodated in Match Play.

I’m looking for a 90% decay, and I’ve made a spreadsheet that includes 80/85/90/95 decay rates. I’m not looking for partial points, but rather the values listed in the Rounded Points column.

Is something like this possible? Thank you in advance!