Match Play Events Open Thread


Yes, you can always add players* and games any time. In a Best Game tournament the points are re-calculated every time you add a new result/score. It doesn’t matter when the player was added (that would be an odd restriction to have in place).

* The exception being bracket tournaments because the bracket has to be built at the start of the tournament


I figured it was kosher to do without issue for best game, but didn’t want to assume!


“Bottom-up” scoring may be useful in very specific instances, but the every tournament series that have crossed my inbox would be able to have the same result using the Top 25/Top 30 options I mentioned above.

I’ve never used the part of Match Play that is used to set up tournaments, hence the question…

Is it “Top 25” or “Top 30”, or could the TD use, say “Top 37”? (The number of players at these events typically varies between, say, 22 and up to 35 on a given night, so we’d need to be able to specify the exact number of players.)

I can’t control how your tournament director configures their tournaments. If you’re unhappy you should maybe take it up with them directly?

Right. I’ll pass this on to the TD. If there is a reasonable way to achieve the equivalent of “bottom-up” scoring, this becomes a non-issue :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!



I have requested this as well. Best game format that scoring adjusts automatically for the number of players currently in it.


It’s 25 or 30. MP doesn’t let you be that granular with scoring systems and doesn’t make much sense either. The difference is negligible. If you have 27 players pick either one. You need like 50 players for it to matter much.

It would be neat to have points adjust to the number of players, but it’s just involved enough that so far it hasn’t been worth the effort because the difference between such a system and the existing options is limited. :confused:



Balanced player pairings across a series: This is a new player pairing option. It’s labeled “Balanced - Across series”. If chosen it’ll act like the regular “balanced” option, but all matches in all tournaments in the current tournament series will be taken into account instead of only games in the current tournament.



Automatically accept first suggested result: If you really trust your players or trust yourself to fix any mistakes, you now have the option to automatically approve the first suggested result that arrives for a game.

This setting will save me over 200 clicks each league night for SF Pinball Department. :slight_smile:


Love this since I run my league as a series - thank you!


Testers wanted! I’m getting very close to finishing what I call “card-based best game” tournaments. Think PAPA world championships where you have to complete a “card” of games to make up a tournament entry. There’ll be a separate tournament setting where you can have the newest card submitted override any previous cards.

(I’m using “cards” instead of “tickets” because I’m pretty sure I need to reserve “ticket” as a term for something more ticket-like in the future).

Anyway! The math is a little more complex than usual so instead of letting the format out in the wild immediately I’m looking for testers. You must:

  • Have a premium Match Play account since this is a premium tournament format (just like Best Game)
  • Create an enter fake results data for a couple of test tournaments to help me verify that everything works as expected
  • If you’re willing to add a lot of test data that would be super duper helpful

If you want to help out shoot me an email at and I’ll get in touch when I have things ready to the point where you can start mashing buttons.


Tiny update since I needed blank score sheets for SF City Champ this weekend:

Could be made a bit more configurable in the future. These just serve my personal needs right now :slight_smile:

Papa style finals score sheet

Huge update… thank you so much!


Idea for future update: In the Tournament Info page, have a stat that shows the Total Tourney Time (sum of the max duration game of each round).


The game durations are probably a little too flaky to rely on, but I could do the sum of the difference between round created_at and round last_updated_at pretty easily. Adding it to my list :slight_smile:



I am running a league for the first time with 8 separate tournaments as the meetings (nearly identical to S.F.P.D.) and ran across my first big-ish gaffe.

I have duplicates for three players; there is a separate entry for their name for meeting #1 and #2. This happened because they gave their IFPA number for the second meeting when registering, and I did not have the foresight to realize this would create a second player with the exact same name.

I know from previous forum posts that you cannot “merge players”, but does anyone know if there is a way to merge the scores for each player onto one account? For example, “Jeff Monroe” had 29 points on #1 and 5 points on #2, so how can I fix this? Here’s the link for reference:

Anyone have a workaround? Thanks!


this happened to me for my league. There is no way to fix it post hoc. I managed it by copying the final results into an excel table and redoing the calculations. You can prevent the problem from getting worse by editing the duplicate players name to something like “DUPLICATE” so you don’t use it again.

In the future, I would recommend not allowing players to self-register. That is what caused my problem.


@spraynard has the details. It’s a messy situation with no good way out of at the moment. It usually happens with player self registration or if a TD first adds a player by name and then later adds the same person by using their IFPA number. Then you end up with a duplicate player.

In addition to using a spreadsheet you can also fix your series by adjusting points in the individual tournaments. I.e. in tournament #1 add points to the real player and in tournament #2 remove the same amount of points from the duplicate player. Then the series standings should get back to normal.

Merging players is next on my list (after card-based best game tournaments). Hopefully it will not be super long :frowning:


There any way to leave a tourney that appears in your homepage?

I’ve had the same 4 mistake tourneys (TD had some starts and stops) up on my page for months.


@MikeCP get in touch with the tournament director and ask him/her to either:

  • Close the tournament by clicking the big “close tournament” button


  • Edit the tournament details and mark the tournament as a “test” tournament

The latter option will remove the tournaments from all pages on Match Play Live and that’s probably what you want?


Something I’ve noticed a few times recently…

During a group knockout, the player order option chosen was “balanced” when setting up the event, but when checking the format settings on MP Live, player order is listed as “disabled”.

As an experiment, a clone of the event was created and “random” was chosen for player order. This correctly displayed on the details list on MP Live.

So I’m not sure if “balanced” is actually giving balanced order results, or if it’s actually “disabled” as it’s being displayed. And if so, what does “disabled” actually do?


@jdelz send me a link to your test tournament? I’m having trouble trouble reproducing the behavior you’re describing, but I can definitely tell you what’s stored in the database.

“Disabled” is identical to “Random”