Match Play Events Open Thread


Ooh, what’s the player QR code that now appears on my player profile?


Patience my friend :wink:

The QR reader portion is still pretty finicky, but the idea is that the TD would be able to add players to a tournament by scanning a “Player card” of some sort.

If I can get the QR reader working well it opens up more doors of course. Could be things like:

  • Scan an “arena” code and a “player” code in best game tournaments to
    record scores (no more scrolling!)
  • TDs can print QR codes to tape on machines in selfie leagues that
    would link players directly to the place where they submit scores
  • Anything you can think up!

The “Player card” is one avenue I’m thinking of to make it easier for TDs to add players without creating duplicates or mistyping an IFPA number by one digit or whatever. I’ve been spending lots of time thinking about how to help TDs avoid getting into situations where they have to correct a mistake.


Just ran a tournament using matchplay, best game qualifying for 26 people. Then started a single elimination bracket for the qualifiers. I could not select the winners without first setting an arena for each finals game. Is there somewhere this can be turned off? I looked but couldn’t find it.


Ah, that’s annoying. Before the tournament start you can go to “edit tournament details” and change the “Arena draws” option to “disabled”. Then you won’t have to select arenas.


Thanks, that explains it. I went there now and the “edit tournament details screen” doesn’t show arena draw options, so I don’t think you can change this once the tournament starts.

Another small thing, after I started playoffs it took me 15 minutes to find the page to manually adjust seeding to break ties. Maybe I was looking in the wrong app (organiser v scorekeeper v match play live). I can’t remember where I found it now. Can you remind me?

I just ran a test on this. I created playoffs, then a screen told me “Ties have not been broken below. Make sure you are pulling the right players into the finals tournament and adjust the seeding before you start the finals tournament.” But I cannot find where to go after this.

Loving the software!


You’re correct that you can’t change this setting after the tournament has begun. You can’t really change many settings after the tournament has begun. I need to sit down and audit each setting and decide whether or not to allow it to be edited after tournament start.

Manually adjust seeding: Open your tournament. Go to the “Players” tab. Then there will be a “seeding” sub tab. But only until the tournament starts! After the tournament has started the tab disappears and you can no longer adjust seeding. This is another one of those areas where maybe it should be possible to adjust after the tournament has begun. If you have strong feelings either way, speak up!


I kinda flubbed up with the seeding in the playoffs I made yesterday and had to delete the tournament and start over. :sweat_smile: If closing a tournament that isn’t finished or officially started (in the capacity that no games have occurred yet) could have access to most tournament editing settings that would help me out. I was trying to run main playoffs, novice finals, and the front desk at the pinball parlor and made a few hasty clicks. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I agree completely @ChubbyGoomba! You shouldn’t be punished like that for a few hasty clicks.


This has probably asked before but why does the software continue to pick a game a few times in a multiple round group match event but other games are not picked at all.


@TomGWI Do you have a link for that tournament?



You have way more arenas than you “need” and the balanced algorithm is targeted towards giving each player a new arena each round, not towards giving an arena that hasn’t been played in the tournament.

The balanced algorithm creates 1000 random arena pairings and picks the best option out of those 1000. That means you can get into a situation where MP picks a “perfect” arena (i.e. one that the players haven’t played before) even if that means the arena has been played in the tournament previously. Either choice is equally good according to MP.

You can see from the super secret audit page ( ) that MP gave no player a repeat arena. According to MP the arena distribution was perfect.

Whether or not the algorithm could be improved upon… That’s another matter entirely!


I’m all for adjusting tournament details after he start! Accidently started our strikes tournament 2 weeks ago at 3 strikes and 2 strikes in 4 players groups and 2 in 3 player groups. If we have over 40 players on a weekly I change to 2 strikes format with only one strike in a 3 player group. I made the changes but didn’t click save before I started.

After round 1 I noticed that 3 player groups got 2 strikes while the 2nd round was playing. I had no way to fix and couldn’t restart. I had to manually remove a strike from each 3 player group for the night and manually add a strike to anyone once the received their 2nd strike. It was very messy and matchplay didn’t like me. Some math got funny and some players had 5 strikes. I didn’t care as long as it knocked them out :wink:


I LOVE that page :smiley:


@JSwain @ChubbyGoomba @onetaste One of you should add “Be able to edit tournament settings after tournament start” to


Me too! I haven’t added a link to it anywhere because it looks super terrible on a phone so I need to re-organize the content a bit


More fun to bug you here! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I just assumed it would use all the arenas and then balance from there. It seems my only crime is owning too many games. lol. :wink:


If you want your feature worked on you need to get others to vote for it, and posting it in that forum is where you’ll get the most votes.


So long as players are not doubling up on arenas unnecessarily that is good enough for me