Match Play Events Open Thread


Ok, I’m about to launch the beta of our selfie league. Is there a way to have players request to be added? Do I have to manually add them or is there an auto add anyone who’d like to join feature? Is there a way they can request to be added and just escrow scores until I accept?

I assume you see where I’m going here. I’d like someone to be able to join the selfie league at the bar at 1AM without me having to be awake. (Or is the answer for them to just take selfies and when I add them the next day to then submit?) I like that less but it would do I guess.


It’s the next feature! I have half the code written to allow players to add themselves to a tournament, but I have not had any time to finish it.

Right now people have to take photos and submit later, but ask me again late tonight. I may have some precious coding time tonight.


Alright @Artimage you can now let players register themselves for your tournaments. You have to enable the feature on the tournament details form when creating or editing a tournament. It’ll work for any tournament, not just selfie-style best game tournaments.

You have to click a button to open up for registration after you create your tournament. This is just to avoid players adding themselves before you’re ready (e.g. if you have a date where registration opens). In the same vein you can close registration again using the same button (e.g. if you have a date registration closes). For non best game/pingolf/pinbowling tournaments registration will automatically be closed when the tournament starts.

Players will be added right into the tournament, no escrow or anything like that. You can always deactivate any players added in error.

Hopefully this’ll mean less boring administrative work in the future and more pinball played!


Thanks Andreas, this looks great. I’ll try to test it out this weekend. :grinning:


Does the scoring page (Scorekeeper) not work for tournaments in Test mode? When I open it, I just get a blank screen that says “Tournament Not Found” at the bottom.


I honestly can’t remember, but I think it should be. Can you shoot me an email at with the link to your tournament (or the URL to the Scorekeeper)? Then I’ll see what’s up


Hello, I used Knockout 3-strikes format with 41 people and 9 machines and had some questions:

  1. As games were completed, can the software automatically assign the next pair that free table? I had to select the gear/cog for each match and assign a table.

  2. We had two players tied for 3rd place and needed to break it. Is there something built in to create a simple tie breaker in the event?

  3. Is it possible to change the name of the player after the event has started?

  4. When it comes to byes, what is a half-win? Is it possible to eliminate byes by offering the option of 3 player games and have us choose whether the 3rd place person gets a strike or 2nd & 3rd like group knockout?



It can’t yet, but it’s on my list to improve arena assignments in tournaments where there are not enough arenas. E.g. if you enter results for 4 groups there should be a “draw arenas” button that will assign 4 arenas in one go (and respect the “balanced” arena selection if enabled).

There is not and unfortunately it’s not as simple as it sounds. :frowning:
These out-of-band games are difficult to manage. I’m not saying I won’t get there, I’m just saying it’s harder than it sounds.


  • From your tournament go back to the global level
  • Click the “Players” tab (the global players tab, not the tournament players tab)
  • Find the player in the list and hit the edit button

A half-win doesn’t do anything in a knockout tournament, but in a regular head-to-head match play a win equals 1 point. So you can choose if a bye awards a full win (1 point) or a half win (0.5 points). Some prefer one over the other.

You’re not the first to request creating a three player group to eliminate byes in head-to-head knockout tournaments. I’ll get there eventually!


thanks for the quick replies!


Tie break for 3rd place can be done with random number generator to pick the game :slightly_smiling:


Yea, thats exactly what we did. We assigned each game a # and randomly picked that number and then coin flipped for position. Would be nice if a breakout option was available but the ends might not justify the means…


Hey Kevin. When John ran his knockout tourney recently in ATL he came up with a good solution for tie-breaks. A game was picked before the tourney began(in this case it was Skateball). During the head to head matches everyone wrote down their scores on that game. At the end all ties were decided by your score ranking on that particular game.


Round 5 got lost after we tried to close round 6. Now we are playing round 5 after round 6 is over. Lost round 5 results.


Can you send me more details at and I’ll look at this. I can see that you had two rounds created within 1 minute of each other which doesn’t sound right. I’d like to hear more about what happened. Shoot me an email and we can take it from there!


For a selfie league, if a participant doesn’t upload a picture with their score can the TD do this for them? I can enter in a score for a participant but i dont see the option to attach the picture which they posted to FB independently of the event?

I’m trying to be nice and not void the score but rather enter it for them with the picture.



Unfortunately only players can upload photos. There no good reason I just ran out of time when I was adding all the selfie stuff. I’ll get it changed in time so admins/organizers can add photos on behalf of players, but I can’t promise when I’ll get it done :confused:


Could you provide me the steps to edit in a score for someone? I thought i was able to do it, but now i can’t figure out how.

If I select “Open Scorekeeper” it says Tournament not found or scorekeeping disabled on bottom. I assume this is correct but can you elaborate?

What does “Fetch Results” do?



Scorekeepers don’t have powers to change scores so you have to do this from the tournament organizer.

  • In the tournament organizer, click on the “Scores” tab
  • You’ll see the latest 500 scores, filter by player using the dropdown and locate the score you wish to change
  • Click on the score itself (the number)
  • The keypad pop up and you can edit the score to whatever you want

“Fetch results” just grabs the latest results from the server. If you’re just one person doing scores it’ll have no effect, but if you have multiple scorekeepers this will grab all scores from the scorekeepers that you may not have downloaded yet.


Used the best game format for a small turney a few days back. All in all it worked very well, but there’s always room for improvement :wink:

  • When creating playoffs it would be great to have the option of papa style 4 player groups, 2 advancing etc.

  • Being the only scorekeeper it would be nice the see all players on all machine when adding scores instead of needing to shift between machines to add the scores

  • Changing number of attempts per player when doing limited best game would be nice. I can imagine the problems this would create with redusing attempts but adding could work I guess


Thanks for the feedback @skov! These are definitely areas where I can improve the scorekeeper experience!