Match Play Events Open Thread


Excellent! We just started a “beta test” of a super league at our location, using Match Play. I’ll let you know if we notice any issues.

One thing that struck me was that the Queue concept doesn’t make sense in the super league context, so the Queue tab being the default tab in Scorekeeper view could be a bit confusing to the players. Could you make Scores the default tab in the Scorekeeper view for super league type tournaments, or something?


I agree! I’ll be putting my thinking hat on to figure out a way to make Queues less in your face hopefully without having to introduce Yet Another Configuration Option. :slight_smile:


I am trying to take part in a selfie league but can’t claim my player since it appears someone else has claimed me in the past.

The three tournaments organised by @vengeance

Should be under user

Can I as a player fix this? Can the organiser correct?


I’ve fixed it for you. Tell Larry he owes you a beer for having fat fingers :slight_smile:

A little more info: Neither you or the organizer can change this after the fact, but you did get me to start thinking about how that may work. The organizer could have prevented this by adding an IFPA number to the player. In that case Larry would not have been able to claim he was you because the Match Play user email has to match the IFPA registered email. But that requires players to be registered with the IFPA which is another headache.

It’s complicated, but I’m thinking about it. Will likely start to rely more on names and less on emails going forward. Stay tuned.


Just getting set up to run my first tourney with Match play. I plan on setting it up as a match play event. Is there a way to choose how many players are eliminated in a round? So after round 1 you could have 1 or 2 players eliminated. Assuming you play 3 4 player groups and eliminate 1 person after round one will it then reseed the remaining players into their appropriate 3 player groups.



@TaylorVA You have two options:

  1. If you want to eliminate players from each group/game setup a knockout tournament. E.g. a group knockout will eliminate two players from each four-player group each round.

  2. If you manually want to eliminate certain players all you have to do is head to the “Players” tab and deactivate the players you don’t want in your tournament anymore. As long as you do this before you start the next round those players will not be drawn in the next round.

Does that help?

FYI: Match Play Events will make as few three player groups as possible. So if you have three four-player groups (12 players) and eliminate one player you will have two four-player groups and one three-player group in the following round.


Hi Andreas,

I want to setup a Selfie League, but this will be my first time running any sort of tournament. I’d love some feedback from you, or anyone else who is willing to offer advice.

How do you suggest running the finals? I like @pinwizj’s system where the finals have cutoffs for different brackets since it let’s everyone play in a finals while maximizing the WPPR points for the top players.

Is that possible with Matchplay? If so, how should I do that?


we do normal PAPA style top8-16 depending on how many players total (10-50% cut off needs to be followed) for ours. Works easy with MatchPlay, we even did top 14 (top4 had a bye) this month since we had less than 32 players but more than 24 and it handled perfectly! (Woot to @haugstrup)


I just make tournament software. I don’t run tournaments. So take anything I say that isn’t software related with a grain of salt :slightly_smiling:

With Match Play you can always setup as many tournaments as you want. So if you want to have 4 divisions just setup 4 different tournaments for finals. Each division will have to be a separate tournament so @pinwizj’s system with a separate “final” for every 4 players will be very tedious to setup in Match Play.


Ok, so maybe to start out I won’t do that. But if I could put that in as a feature request… :wink:


Noted! I do want to do “something” in regards to divisional finals. It’s just complicated to do right.


Is there currently a way to look up someone’s IFPA profile from their name when adding a player, a’la the AccessIFPA app rather than using the number? When using a tournament with IFPA seeding, this would be really helpful, trying to look up a player and copy and paste a number over is kind of a pain.

Similarly, it would be really nice if after entering an IFPA number, there was a confirm popup so you can make sure the number you just typed resolves to the player you think it should.


These are two excellent suggestions that I will get added in the future. Thank you for sharing them! :slight_smile:


Hit a bug today-

Adding very new players by IFPA number fails, reporting “You didn’t provide a valid IFPA number”. These players are listed in the IFPA database and I got their numbers from the IFPA site. Specifically, 42310, 42311, 42312, and 42313 are failing as of 3/29.


This is actually on the IFPA side of things. The website is up to date, but the programmatic access that Match Play (and other integrations) rely on has a delay before the IFPA number appears active. In other words: It sucks, but it’s for @Shep to fix :stuck_out_tongue:


usually fix itselfs after a while :slightly_smiling:


I wonder if this is the same problem where I can see that I’ve moved up in the overall standings due to a recent tournament, but when I click on my name that tournament does not show up on my top 20? It does usually sort itself out in a day or two.


Hit a kind-of interesting hiccough last night using matchplay:

We had three players show up last minute after round one had started (after I’d clicked the button to assign games) but before any matches actually started. This was too many to just add to an existing game, so I put them on a new table from the list and then manually added points when they were done - I couldn’t figure out a way to add an additional machine to the round.

The points added for these players did not affect the next round - they were only applied after the following round despite being entered before round one was closed. Because they all had “zero” points, they were then seeded back into the same group with one another. Ideally, the points would have been applied as soon as they were adjusted and then used in the next round.

Sort-of-related: is there a better way to provide feedback besides this forum? Thanks for all the help, guys!


Oh man, that sucks. If no games had started you could have deleted the current round, added the players and started over.

I’ll look at the point adjustments. They are certainly supposed to be applied as the round starts. Oh wait, I know what went wrong. MP looks at the standings first and then applies point adjustments. Since your three players hadn’t played a game (according to MP) they don’t show up in the standings yet… so MP ignored the adjustments. I’ll get that fixed.

Questions: You can ask here or email me at – some people prefer one over the other. I don’t care either way. Whatever you prefer, really.


the best thing about posting here is in case others have similar issues it’s visible but I often post to Andreas directly too. He’s super responsive so it’s all good :slight_smile: