Match Play Events Open Thread


That is already available? Just click edit tourney details after creating the finals and before starting them, no?


Ahh, well there you go :slightly_smiling:

I do still miss being able to only take top 4, 6 or 12 players into playoffs though


You can take whatever number of players you want into playoffs, just make sure to select a bracket size larger than the number of players you’re taking. So if you want 6 people to advance to playoffs, pick 8 player bracket from the menu and then highlight only the 6 names you’re advancing.


Nifty, thanks for the info


…and you’ll need at least 6 players if you are playing four-person group elimination playoffs because a 4 person PAPA style final is too sad (or rather: my code can’t handle a 4 player group bracket)


Any idea why im having duplicate players appear? I run a selfie league & regular tournaments, when people register for selfie it creates a duplicate?

Any harm in retiring one or the other? Ultimately i want to associate IFPA #'s to the user and just have one user (obviously)



You’ll end up with duplicates if the following happens:

  • You create a player for a non-selfie tournament
  • The player does not claim that player
  • You create a selfie tournament
  • The player registers

There’s no way Match Play can tell that “John Doe” from your first tournament is the same “John Doe” who just registered for your selfie league.

If the player had claimed their player from the initial tournament it would be re-used for your selfie league.

I’m sorry you’re getting duplicate players :frowning:

There’s no harm in retiring one of the two players as long as you retire the unclaimed player. Otherwise you’ll end up with a third duplicate player next time you have a selfie tournament!

How can you tell which player is the unclaimed one? Good question. Right now you can’t. But let me see if I can’t get something worked out quickly


Alright, if you reload and go to the “Players” page where you can retire/edit players there’s now a little “person” icon with a helpful tooltip next to claimed players. So don’t retire those players. :slight_smile:


thanks this helps a lot! Lots of the newbies in my selfie league never claimed their IFPA profile so they created a new version and now I know who to retire :slight_smile:


Some day it will be possible to merge duplicate players, but today is not that day…


I’m setting up PAPA Finals format, is it possible to have the seed # to the left of the persons name?



Hey Guys. I am going to probably have a group of 10 to play this sunday and want to try a new format to me. I was thinking of the double round robin format to use for qualifying, then have the top four play PAPA style for the finals. Thoughts? will this take forever? Also, is there away to have the software assign games to each match? As I understand the double round robin format, every match game is random, but you cannot play against the same person on the same game twice. I can have the games chosen with a difference program, but I thought it would be easier if MatchPlay could do it for me. thanks for the help!


It’s not :frowning:

Players will be listed in order of original seed throughout the tournament


Match Play gives you three ways to assign arenas for double round robin:

  • Don’t deal with arenas at all. Double RR is the perfect format for “player’s choice” since you play the same opponent twice giving you the option to let each player pick one game
  • Manual. MP won’t assign arenas, but you can manually pick one for every single game. This will involved a lot of clicking on your part
  • Randomly assign a game to each match


Ive got 16 bracket PAPA final with 13 players, I thought it would create 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4 but its not as seen below. whats up?


Looks like MP has assigned a number of byes that’s not correct. This will probably not end very well :frowning: :frowning:

If you:

  • Delete the current round
  • Add three new players (name them bye#1-bye#3) and give them the lowest seeds
  • Draw the first round again, with players in all spots you should be okay

This will of course score all groups as four-player groups. Give the bye player last place in all games


For now, I just did it on paper. :confused:


Oh man, I’m sorry. I’ll get these byes fixed. It’s definitely my mistake somewhere, somehow


Any other people having trouble with trailing 9s. This sounds stupid, but I have done it myself a couple times and seen other people do it. After I noticed I did this yesterday, I did some tests and it seems on chrome on android, I cannot innitiate a scroll event if the touch start happens in the number entry. When I have a selfie photo, I have it on screen while entering the score, then need to scroll to get to the save score button. Turns out my natural scroll gresture hits 9.

Don’t know if this is a chrome bug or a js bug on your side. Now that I realise what is happening, I will probably never make the mistake again.

Would be nice if I could delete a suggested score I input that has not been approved by the TD yet. May not be worth it as 2017 will kill unverified scores :).


It’s not you, it’s me. No wait. It’s not me it’s mobile phones. Okay, story time:

You’re not the only one. And it’s annoying. And I’m sorry.

The numeric keyboard on iphones is terrible for entering numbers. So I made the keypad component you use the enter scores. I like it a lot. It was a “000” key which often makes life easier.

Normally tablets and phones have a delay after you click something. This is to facilitate the drag/scroll events on phones.

However that delay made entering scores feel super janky because the number wouldn’t how up until 300ms after you clicked. To make things feel good I disabled the normal click delay on tablets/phones and everything felt nice and snappy.

But! As a result it’s impossible to start a drag action by placing your finger on one of the keypad buttons. When I made the keypad there were no selfie leagues and I made it for entering scores on tablets. Bigger screen, no scrolling necessary. No big deal.

Now there are selfie leagues. Smaller screens and scrolling is almost always necessary because the photo is displayed on the same page.

I don’t have a good solution yet, but I’ll come up with something :slight_smile: