Marines spam?

Anyone else getting spam email / texts from the Marines?

I have a suspicion they got my info from something pinball related.

None here, unless my spam filter caught it.

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None here either.

I did, two days ago. And then a recruiter tried to friend me on Facebook.

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Yep, email two days ago then a text today. Having some fun with it, but just trying to figure out the source.

I’m on the Stern and IFPA lists and haven’t gotten anything.

I’ve gotten spam lately pretending to be from Derek Fugate and Chris Compton. Don’t know how they were chosen to be spoofed, but my filter caught them. No Marines stuff, though.

Oh snap I got this email! It freaked me out saying I had applied to the marines


Unless they threw out the age ceiling for new recruits we would be an odd demographic for the Marines to target.

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Clearly this is a response to the ever-expanding Stern Army. The pinball wars will upon us soon. Make sure you have plenty of MRE’s and TP.


I received a text on Wednesday with the same message. I asked him where his information was from and he said he got it from madden city showdown. Haven’t played madden in nearly 10 years. He then wanted to confirm what high school I went to so he can close my case… right.

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Yep, my text from him started by asking about the Madden Celebrity Showdown, but I’ve never played anything like that. I looked it up saw it took place on April 4th and was connected to the Pittsburgh Knights Esports league.

So pinburgh then?

So far the 5-7 people I’ve known who got this stuff were Pinburgh players, yeah. But there are many others who play Pinburgh who didn’t get anything.


Would be interesting if this was due to one of the scummy ad networks tracking processes categorizing people to make them appear to be valuable contacts, then sell their contact info.

Unfortunately there is zero oversight to that industry so it’s nearly impossible to tell. Might as well blame the Illuminati.

I haven’t gotten anything from them. I do remember them having a “booth” there. It was that giant RV they brought in. So it would make sense if they were a sponsor but not on how they selected the people.

I did!
Registered with ifpa, have tilt and pinside account, playing in pinburgh.

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I got an e-mail from the Marines as well (just saw it in my spam). The intro to the message was directed personally to me. I have no idea where they got my name or e-mail from.

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Yep also got it. I’m pretty sure they do not actually want me. Hah.


Are you registered for Pinburgh?