Lefkoff rod and cone scandal ;)

"The future is bright with Pin Stadium and IFPA. “See Better, Play Better.” It’s that simple. Here is what Josh Sharpe had to say about this partnership:

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Pin Stadium on enhancing not only the playing experience for participants, but also the viewing experience for people that are finding the sport through the ever growing streaming of events all around the world. We look forward to connecting our pool of players, tournament directors and tournament streamers with Pin Stadium for the betterment of the sport going forward.” – Josh Sharpe, IFPA President"


Are we going to see people starting to wear welder’s masks to tournaments instead of miner’s helmets?


Wait, is this for real? Pinstadium is sponsoring IFPA and they’re jumping on this whole-hog? FFS.



I don’t know how success PinStadium is as a business, but they have certainly been effective at getting their sponsorship everywhere. As much as hate playing dark machines, I have not got use to playing with the point light reflections on metal objects (like the ball for example). These have kind of reached super and level. I don’t have to like them, but I do have to learn to play with them (although I reserve the right to blame every drain on them).

But people who understand streaming way more that I say these make a difference. So despite my dislike as a player, it is good for the sport.

Pinball was a place I hoped could avoid obnoxious pervasive marketing. The obviously paid constant stream of reviews with the misleading before/after pictures has been getting on my nerves for years. I realize that IFPA has limited revenue streams and sponsors are welcome, but this does make me think less of the people in charge.


First Saturn rubbers … Now this … #sellout


Can someone post a link to an article or something? I don’t understand the title but it looks like the ifpa is now sponsored by pinstadium and that’s bad??? Sorry to be out of the loop.

It was on This Week In Pinball: https://thisweekinpinball.com/twip-tuesday-toy-hall-of-fame-book-deal-drama-zombie-yeti-tease-mark-tremonti-joni-mitchell-more/

Saturn… meh. Pinstadium and Deeproot? Yeah, I do feel that way.

Thanks for all you do, regardless.


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Real protestors suppress … The rest is just lip service :wink:


I’ll take Pinstadium lighting all day every day over the factory Game of Thrones lighting/light show. Same for a bunch of other modern Sterns.

[Not a paid endorsement]

A few months back, I LED’d my original AFM. Already a step too far for some in this crowd I know, but I wanted to brighten it up and reduce the power load. The LEDs worked well, but the inserts somewhat overwhelmed the GI, and it definitely made the ball harder to track. So, I ordered and installed a Pinstadium kit for it. Especially because of the previous blowout problem, I’m very happy with the results and the quantity and quality of the GI lighting provided by this kit.


I assume all these will be set to always on and not hooked to flashers? If that’s the case then I think it’s great. No worry ever again of glare or playing a tournament in a dark showroom event space.

Even though I’m part of the sellout crew I still think they are amazing regardless.

Both times I saw them used at Replay FX and BPO I thought they were a huge improvement and was ecstatic when I learned I got a free set to put on one of my machines.

I personally have a much harder time dealing with the flashing where things go from light to dark very quickly. Having a good light source on the PF at all times for me is a huge improvement and I don’t lose track of the ball as a result of lighting


The kit includes a string of always-on GI tied into the game’s GI.

It optionally (?) also comes with flashers that you hook into one of the machine’s flashers for potentially exagerrated flasher effects.

So it’s really two different things at the same time, and I suspect a lot of people are really only talking about the flasher system. Not @gammagoat, though, it would seem. :slight_smile:

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I’m not a fan of wacky lighting mods at all, but like others have said, the visibility is pretty good with these always on. I haven’t had any issues and they help make some darker playfields better for ball tracking. Not mad about it.


But the GI is sometimes part of the show. I jumper all mine so they don’t follow the GI. Think a flashlight on the playfield. I think that’s the best use for them in tournaments and streaming. Constant light. Not the on off contrast.

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That’s how I use them

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Not sure what you’re saying here.