Lefkoff rod and cone scandal ;)


So Scott puts an unused connector on the controller board that if you put a jumper across it, the GI portion of the Kit is always on. You don’t hook it to a GI bulb, it just turns on when plugged in and stays on.

I prefer this to it being hooked to a GI socket because the on off contrast of following the GI makes me lose track of the ball.

Think winter is coming. With it hooked to the GI it makes everyone’s favorite mode even worse.

If they are constanstly on, it takes away the annoying effect of that mode completely.


In some games even the GI turns off so in the event you have your pinstadiums tied to the GI, they can be fully turned off as well.

GOT comes to mind as a game that has full on and off sequences of GI and inserts that drive me up the wall in poorly lit places.


Sopranos and LW3 are really bad on the on off GI effects too.



Oddly, my AFM Pinstadium GI is set up not to turn off during Strobe Multiball. You guys would love it!

(I didn’t do the install myself. We have a whole team for that.)


Request sent - I’m actually serious about this. I hope you take my feedback seriously as well.


The guy has done a lot for competitive pinball, hes almost single-handedly responsible for all of our scenes growth over the past six plus years. Hes dedicated countless hours of time, energy and even money to help advance our sport. I know youve done a lot too so you tend to minimize the impact of local directors, but try to remember whose on the ground putting in the legwork, and whose really responsible for pinballs growth in the last few years. Its guys like @Law. The IFPA gaining popularity is a by product of local success stories, not the other way around.


It’s never my intention to minimize the impact of local TD’s. I’m very appreciative of everyone that puts in the time and effort to advance the sport forward. The IFPA has always been here as a resource to support those people. I’ve never for a second thought that the IFPA is somehow the reason these people put that effort into what they do. I’ve been a local TD since 1997 (long before WPPR’s existed), organizing both leagues and tournaments, so I definitely feel comfortable in saying that I don’t just talk the talk, I’ve walked the walk.

I can respect Thomas for his opinion on who he feels the IFPA should and should not partner with. I’ve responded to him privately with my thoughts on the partnership.

My comment above was more a generalization of the complaints we get from every announcement we’ve ever made in our 12 year history.


well just tossin it out there that if you were perhaps a little more receptive and less snarky, these types of complaints wouldnt have been rollin in for twelve years straight. Obviously i cant guarantee that, but give it a try next time.


“More receptive” as in . . . if one player has a complaint about us partnering with a specific company, the IFPA shouldn’t enter that partnership?

I’ve spent a ton of time and effort participating in genuine conversations regarding countless IFPA related issues over the years. I believe I’ve mentioned it before on this forum and on Pinside, but there seems to be something to if I don’t agree with someone, then I’m simply “not receptive” FULL STOP.

I can explain my thoughts, opinions, pros, cons, analysis that leads to our decision to go one direction or another, but somehow we’re “not receptive” if the path we take differs from the path that another person would take the organization.

I don’t believe my level of snark leads to complaints. I believe that people having a genuine passion and interest in what we’re doing, and having differing opinions to some of the actions/decisions we make, lead to complaints.


more receptive as in even if you dont agree, say so politely and offer a counterpoint. Rather than just encouraging protest with a smile. disagreeing isnt the problem, its the attitude.


Hmmm… I have on occasion :wink: disagreed with @pinwizj / IFPA / WPPR, but really always find Josh to be open to a respectful and constructive discussion, certainly in person or via PM. (Frankly, I don’t understand how he has enough hours in the day to reply to everything that he does, while having a family and maybe even playing pinball once in awhile…)

Most of the right side of the IFPA home page is sponsorships, and has been for many years. PinStadium appears to be just another such sponsorship.


At this point I’m more than happy to let my reputation speak for itself . . . and to thank @joe for his comments.


People that don’t have pinstadiums don’t realize there’s an app where you can on your phone adjust the brightness of both GI and the colored lights, the latter which you can change the color to best complement the primary color of the play field. My IM premium looks great and the color and artwork is perfectly highlighted.

I’m now considering more for some of my other games. I didn’t think anything of them until I saw them installed on my IM at Pinburgh. I’m now a believer


Yep. All those benefits plus the shields so you cannot see them if standing next to a game with them on, plus a diffuser that is coming out soon so no reflecting off ramps, I will officially have nothing to complain about them. All beneficial at that point.


Wait, are you trying to tell me people get upset at things they don’t understand? I don’t believe it :stuck_out_tongue:


Seriously? Gorgarsupperlip has experience with these things so his opinion is just as valid as yours. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure them out either so your comment is pretty disrespectful and demeaning to anyone whom may share his take.

Me personally, I HATE them as well because those that generally install them go overboard with them not to mention it’s a pure cash grab exploit to our community. But in a world where people just chase the next shiny object I’m not surprised so many are willing to pay a couple hundred bucks for something that can be reproduced for $30-$40 if you don’t need the app (remember light strips comes with remotes already). I will give them that they are running a very solid business and their CS seems to be outstanding. But to sit here and not realize that their product is a bit polarizing would be an inaccurate assessment of their impact on the market.

With that said, I think them on games at tournaments isn’t a bad idea as long as they are kept in check, mainly because lighting at some tournaments can be pretty poor as they are focusing on the show (rightfully). But, keep them on at all times and please don’t tie them into GI or flashers for competitive play. It’s when you do that that they can be a problem. But I see this basically the same as a beer company sponsoring a football game. I don’t drink and don’t like that product but as long as the product isn’t going to be intrusive on me then I’m just happy for the event to find a subsidy.

In response to Josh. I’ve also found him to be pretty open minded when taking conversations privately. In an open forum, a bit more snarky, so my suggestion is that if you have a true concern to ping him via a PM and be prepared for an honest opinion and a thoughtful conversation.


I was kidding, thus the tongue emoji, calm down lol From the mass exposure the system got at replay I didn’t hear one person who didn’t like playing on them. I fact a lot of people didn’t even know they were there, myself included when I was playing in the intergalactic… I never once figured out something was different with the games. I guess I could just see everything and didn’t think another thing about it.


“The vision we have with IFPA is to not only support them financially but to also offer special discount programs for tournament organizers to be able to elevate the experience for their players and the viewers of their streamed events, while also providing prize giveaways and gift cards to add to the prize pools at certain events.”

the level of animosity in this thread doesn’t seem proportional to the actual effect of this partnership - it’s not like this means that the IFPA rules are being changed to require Pin Stadium lighting at every IFPA sanctioned event, which is the only change I can think of that would be worth this much storm and stress.


I think at this point we can all trust Josh has growing Pinball and IFPA as the main reasons behind his actions. Also I think his sense of humor is pretty well documented at this point as well :slight_smile: I don’t see this new sponsor/partnership as anything but great news for pinball.


I don’t want to assume bad intent. But this level of sponsorship gives them access to email addresses and they have a history of annoying a portion of the community with their advertising practiceses.