James Bond 007 Rulesheet

This doesn’t seem quite right - the two modes for You Only Live Twice can’t be played during Bird 1 currently, but Rosa Klebb (From Russia With Love) and Fiona Volpe (Thunderball) can…

The upper loop is extremely difficult from an auto plunged ball. Too fast. Concentrate on the side ramp. Eventually, you’ll get all three most every time. Shots stay flashing long enough for two or three misses and you can still complete it.

What currently makes it interesting is the delay in MB start due to animations. You can nail one or two side ramps (that count) before MB even starts. Best to let all balls below the upper flipper drain first (to be recycled). Once you start collecting it every time, you can start getting fancy. Also, keep a mental note of how many balls you have locked. No indication on the playfield or display. Once you have two locked, you can anticipate delayed MB start.

This is very possible. It’s just a rumor I heard, and haven’t investigated myself.

They can use the “zap-function” like in BM66, where you can zap between 2 or more modes/multiballs with the lockdownbar button. But in this case they can only show one movie clip and not a second one in a small screen. But colored inserts can help you to show you the right shots.


again with that issue in stern games will that change in any way if the PINBALL OS gets updated down the road?

This strategy is definitely correct, but I really dislike these kinds of rules that incentivize you to do things that don’t look like pinball (ignore the lower flippers and let a bunch of balls drain) to get a massive reward (an entire extra multiball). Even worse, it’s so counterintuitive that casuals will probably never figure it out organically, so it effectively becomes a hidden cheat code for players in the know. I must be spoiled by KME games that generally reward you for playing like a casual player would think you should; just “doing the stuff.”


well for some games that have pop bumper action it can be good to let drain and auto feed.

Now bond feels an little like tommy with that that feed from auto launch to goes to an upper flipper to hit an ramp.
Or even an little like white water

Agree, but just yesterday I was teaching am experienced player the strategy and it took him a while to resist the temptation to use the lower flippers. It goes against everything we’ve been taught. Family Guy has a similar strategy for Stewie MB. Ignore lower playfield and try to complete upper playfield while ball saver is running. Ball saver on lower playfield always lasts longer than upper playfield.

The Bird restart dumps all the restart balls into the very valuable pops. Might get 20 or 40M from the pops before you even get a flip at them. Making getting the restart that much more valuable. I suspect this will be corrected in software. Launch four or five ball to upper flipper (to allow a miss or two), then dump any other balls saved into the pops using upper left gate. Currently every ball goes to upper flipper at the start.

Worth noting that on new code, Power Plant Points has been reduced to 10M and the maximum number of bumpers required has increased to 70 (it was around 40 before). Should make this rule a bit less lucrative.

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Notes didn’t mention…I don’t suppose the smart button is coded yet?

No Bond Women action button multiplier yet, no SPECTRE targets build Bird One Jackpot rule yet. Otherwise we’re just missing one villain mode, four Q Branch modes, and supposedly one more Jetpack Multiball.

So apparently people are thinking that stacking isn’t going to be in the game due to the licensor? I brought this up earlier and it’s a shame it didn’t make it into this update, but Gomez has explicitly stated stacking will be in the next update and some of the stacks you can pull off currently (Rosa Klebb & Fiona Volpe + Bird One) don’t fit the licensor’s supposed restriction…


I’m a few days late to this, but version 0.84 is out on Stern’s website. Here’s the Premium/LE README:

 -  Replaced a Disco Volante Demolition video that was the wrong size.
 -  Fixed a bug with the pop bumper award thresholds not working correctly after
    crossing an award threshold and/or between balls.
 -  Power Plant Points now awards 10 million points.
 -  Changed MAX pop bumper thresholds to 70 pop bumper hits.
 -  Fixed a bug in Jetpack Motor Calibration test where the motor tried to move to an away
    position that it could not reach.
 -  Fixed a bug in Jetpack Motor test where the motor tried to move to a position that it could
    not reach.
 -  Added additional switch name information to the Jackpot Motor test to help identify
    the home/encoder wheel optos.
 -  Changed where error messages are displayed during the Jetpack Motor test.
 -  Fixed an issue with Orient Express grace period awards.
 -  Fixed the right orbit arrow in Orient Express when the side loop arrow should be the only lit shot.
 -  Added a SPECTRE Target adjustment and associated game logic that allows SPECTRE targets
    to be spotted, i.e. the game will try to spot a SPECTRE target if it has not previously been hit.
    This makes it easier to complete the SPECTRE targets and in turn, easier to light a SPECTRE Weapon.
 -  Added new Disco Volante Demolition sound FX.
 -  Added new Orient Express sound FX.
 -  Fixed an issue during Orient Express where the right orbit combo arrow/light did not blink rapidly.
 -  Added a right orbit combo rule to Orient Express.
 -  Now available SPECTRE Weapons rotate automatically upon SPECTRE target completion.
 -  Removed logic from the Pop Bumpers from moving/rotating thru the available SPECTRE Weapons.
 -  Fixed several fonts so characters don't overlap.
 -  Added new mode rules for Orient Express.  Shoot the right orbit to light the arrows on the right
    side of the playfield for a combo.  Additional right orbit and side loop shots continue the
    combo sequence.
 -  Added Instant Info to show game award progress as well as Stern Insider Achievements collected.
 -  Outer Space Hijack is now 70 seconds long.
 -  Now the drop targets are available for the last 3 award shots during Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Shooting a lit ramp during Disco Volante Demolition will now temporarily light the left eject
    for a 2X combo award.
 -  Changed the award fonts in Diamonds of Destruction, Mr. Wint & Mr. Kidd, and Arrange Usual Reception Please.
 -  Now "He Blew a Fuse" award animations load/play more efficiently.
 -  Now "The Incredible Laser Ray" award animations load/play more efficiently.
 -  Added logic to load/play Orient Express award animations more efficiently.
 -  Reorganized Orient Express award animations to coincide with the accompanying video clip.
 -  Added blank frames to the end of the train award animation in Orient Express so the caboose completely
    leaves the screen.
 -  Added 22 Insider Connected Achievements.
 -  Fixed a visual glitch in Orient Express that occurred when transitioning from an award video to the
    looping background display effect.
 -  Changed Orient Express looping background video.
 -  Added a brief flash to the front of awarded Orient Express display effects. 
 -  Fixed overlapping text in Training Grounds.
 -  Fixed a bug with SPECTRE Weapon Countdown modes that could score left lane shots multiple times.
 -  Now SPECTRE targets score a shot award during Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Now the Orient Express looping background video starts at 1 of 7 positions.
 -  Added a progress bar to Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Fixed a display bug that caused the final shot in Disco Volante Demolition to display incorrect information
 -  Added 4 new Disco Volante Demolition sound FX.
 -  Fixed the spelling of "HIJACK" in the Outer Space Hijack countdown mode.
 -  Changed the default time to complete Disco Volante Demolition, i.e. default = 70 Seconds.
 -  Added watch and knife award animations to Orient Express.
 -  Updated the score animation to sync with the moving train car animation in Orient Express.  
 -  Added an additional Disco Volante Demolition award sound FX.
 -  Now it takes 10 shots to complete Disco Volante Demolition.
 -  Added an additional Disco Volante Demolition award display asset.
 -  Added new Disco Volante Demolition award SFX with longer ring outs.
 -  Fixed the Disco Volante Demolition title text.
 -  Added a grenade animation to the right side of the screen for Disco Volante Demolition awards.
 -  Added award animations to Disco Volante Demolition to sync with award video clips.
 -  Added Orient Express award/intro/total SFX to sync with associated display effects.
 -  Adjusted text animation to match train cars seen in Orient Express.
 -  Added new Orient Express music with louder train SFX mixed in.
 -  Added/Removed an Orient Express video clip displayed during the award sequence.
 -  Added new Orient Express looping background display effect.
 -  Added new Orient Express Intro display effect.
 -  Now it takes 10 shots to Complete Orient Express.
 -  During Orient Express the music is no longer synced with the background display effect.
 -  Now Orient Express award clips are based upon movie assets.
 -  Now SPECTRE Weapons display instructions say "SHOT THE FLASHING ARROW".
 -  Added new Intro/Final Award/Total display effects to the Orient Express Henchmen mode.
 -  Added Intro/Total speech assets/logic to the Orient Express display effects.
 -  Fixed a scoring bug in Orient Express.
 -  Removed "SPECIAL PREVIEW MODELS" text from the attract mode and game start display effects.
 -  Added Encounter on the Orient Express as an available Henchmen Mode.
 -  Added new Orient Express background/award video clips.
 -  Changed the rules for Disco Volante Demolition.  Now the left eject and side/right
    ramp shots advance the rule.
 -  Added new Disco Volante Demolition award sound FX that enable the subsequent award speech to heard better.
 -  Added new Disco Volante Demolition background videos (with lights ON, lights OFF).
 -  Added new Disco Volante Demolition music mixed with SFX to correspond with the progress of the player
    advancing the mode towards completion.
 -  Added Disco Volante Demolition  Intro/Award/Complete/Incomplete sound FX to sync with associated video clips.
 -  Added Disco Volante Demolition Intro, Award, and Award Follow-Up speech.
 -  Changed the animated text seen in Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Added Disco Volante Demolition as an available Villain Mode.
 -  Added Intro/Award/Total/Complete/Incomplete display effects to Disco Volante Demolition.
 -  Fixed Outer Space Hijack award/total display effect conflicts.
 -  Changed text fonts used in Troublesome Tarantula. Added flashing instructions.
 -  Added more impactful Outer Space Hijack Intro/Award SFX.
 -  Changed the focus of the Outer Space Hijack flashing background lightshows.
 -  Added Outer Space Hijack Intro/Award/Complete sound FX to sync with associated video clips.
 -  Added additional looping background videos to Femme Fatale to better reflect
    the progress made towards finishing the mode.
 -  Added the rocket as an available shot during Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Added ambient SFX to the Outer Space Hijack background music. 
 -  Now drops remain up, blocking the rocket, during Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Added a rocket background lamp effect to Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Now SPECTRE Weapons reset after 6 modes have been played.
 -  Added Outer Space Hijack as an available SPECTRE Weapon Countdown Mode.
 -  Added reworked Outer Space Hijack music.
 -  Added Intro/Award/Total speech and follow-up speech to Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Changed the rules to Outer Space Hijack.  Now it takes 8 shots to the Rocket
    (via the left lane) to complete the mode.
 -  Added Intro/Award/Total display effects to Outer Space Hijack.
 -  Added "thousand" text animation to Arrange Usual Reception Please 

 -  Updated to node board firmware/protocol v1.2.0

(The Pro README is nearly identical, aside from omitting the bullet points related to the Jetpack Motor Calibration test.)