Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Has this Super Secret Skill Shot already been found?

Hard plunge around loop, let ball pass upper right flipper, hit Orb. I know it increases the Power Jackpot X.


Yes, you can actually shoot a few loops before hitting the orb. My max is 3 with an orb shot on the premium.


Sounds like I need to upgrade my early run Pro shooter spring.


Played a premium on location and noted a couple interesting things:

  • the center lift ramp didn’t work so it was always down. I assumed it was disabled, but when I shot the bullseye, my mode never started. Would be nice if there was a feature that let the bullseye count as mode start. I know you can disable the lift ramp in settings, but the player can’t adjust that.

  • Similar issue as above, but the mummy diverter on the left ramp was broken, meaning no mummy multiball or tomb awards. Yes, I know there’s a setting to disable this, but would be nice if the game eventually switched into pro mode after x amount of left ramp shots not doing what they’re supposed to.

  • Loop jackpots all day! :slight_smile:


Was this any different than a Pro?


I did miss trying for a 3x Icarus. But hey, 3x loops pay off well too!


Just him being to DAMN good at shooting ramps :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m super excited when I string together 3 or 4 in Icarus and that’s pretty rare…