Adam Kiesler (The Real AJK)
Montreal, QC


Brandon Pennington
Springfield, Mo

“GOV” on most forums. TGov if they don’t allow 3 letter names.

Queen City Pinball, Springfield Mo is the league I run.


Trent #13
Not Ohio


Chris Booberg
Midlothian, VA
Boo32 on pinside


Kerin Bowens from Salem MA


Escher’s Dad, Boulder CO


That does seem reasonable if all the users are tournament players or know everyone by their initials. I’m not famous enough. No one ever sees NAR on the board :wink:


Noah Crable, Needham MA

You may also know me as Kineticross on Pinside. You can usually expect to see me playing pinball at Lanes & Games in Cambridge.

High score initials are CBZ


Ron Hallett from Albany NY


Urban Magnusson
Stockholm, Sweden

Think there are quite a few more users from STPB lurking under different usernames.


Hello from Burlington, Vermont.

I’m Steve Daniels.

[I’ve been lurking for a while without registering.]


Hey everyone, Dave Hubbard here. Lurked Pinside for a while, but gave up on that after the, uh… kerfuffle recently. This seems a better, no-fuss way of getting some community pinball fix.

See you all at PAPA 18.


Yar, I’m ROM aka Ryan and I just found out about this site. It seems cool. And I know people here.

I live in Los Angeles. And I co-created, and I’m in the Crazy Flipper Fingers.


Some of my best balls have been romballs…

Eric Hill in Portland, OR.


Jim Fordham from Lebanon, NJ. kinda retired from competing a couple years ago but still lurking.


Jeff Rivera - Kaysville, Utah
I co-host The Pinball Podacst with Don. It’s a thing we do, and I apologize for that.

Don isn’t here, so I’ll share his intro for him, even if he is pretty rude.

Don Walton, Albuquerque, New Mexico. I hate all of you and pinball in general.


Nathan H Mayo, Hillsboro Oregon.


Jonas Johansson, Sweden. I usually flip with the Stockholm Pinball people but right now Im in Belgium for a while.


Steve Ridge - Louisville, KY - But recently moved to Salem, IN

I usually go by VDrums2112 on RGP and Pinside but since I don’t post much in either place I figured it didn’t matter if I made a new screen name here. High score initials are STV but that doesn’t happen often… Any other Steve’s out there feel free to steal! :grin:


Mark Stephen Salas
Westlake, Ohio