Intergalactic @ ReplayFX Online Registration Open

Online registration is now open for the Intergalactic tournament at for those wishing to pay by credit or debit card. Your player # and PIN # will be emailed to you. All proceeds from your $20 entry fee go to charity.

Lines were long last year. We’re hoping many players take advantage of online registration this year.

Live registration will still be available during open qualifying hours.

Please DO NOT register online if you are scorekeeping 2 or more hours. Your entry will be created manually and you’ll be given your login info prior to the tournament.

Thank You!

Tournament details are located at


Is there a cap on the number of entrants?


401 players FTW! :slight_smile:


Even if that happened, the playoffs would get 96% TGP, so not a big deal.


True . . . but that 20 point base value for a 40 player tournament would be far less fruitful for the winner :slight_smile:

Is that actually how it works? I thought the base value stayed the same but the qualifying games were just dropped from the TGP calculation. So if there were 401 players, 40 qualified, then the other 361 wouldn’t appear in the final standings?

As suggested to in the registration email, I downloaded the PAPA app through Google Play, but when I launched it I received a warning that “The version of the papa scoring software you are using is no longer supported. You must update to the newest version”.

This is how I thought it worked also.

A player must play 50% of all qualifying requirements. Since the first games are seeding and not qualifying, only those in the finals meet this requirement.

Even the ones who lose as early as possible in the playoffs?

Players that advance to the final round despite not meeting this percentage may also be included in the final standings submitted to the IFPA.

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We are having problems getting the latest version of the iOS and Android apps pushed to their respective app stores. The problem should be resolved in the next 2-3 days and the new version of the apps should be ready by next wed

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So I was told that Intergalactic was exempt from the 10% minimum finals advancement requirement due to the size and nature of the tournament. Is this not accurate?

“People are saying” . . . would love to know who told you that and where they got that information from.

Just re-reading our WPPR rules and we make no mention of any exemptions for events based on size and/or nature . . . whatever “nature” happens to mean in this instance.


We don’t endorse tournaments that don’t advance at least 10% of the players to a direct play portion. This is different than our selfie rules which specifically mention unverified results having a lack of TGP impact.

The qualifying portion of Intergalactic would simply “not be an endorsed IFPA tournament” full stop, if it failed to advance at least 10% of the players to the final. We would endorse that finals activity with those finals participants, but anything prior to that would be ignored for IFPA purposes.


New finals promotion rule for 2018 Intergalactic. If more than 400 people participate we’ll advance n additional people in multiples of 4 (to preserve groups of 4 in the first 3 rounds of the knockout portion).

400 or fewer players = 40 finalists
401 to 440 players = 44 finalists
441 to 480 players = 48 finalists

Player = person that counts towards 10% advancement rule.


I thought the point of this was to eliminate some of the BS tournament formats. Doesn’t seem like a 400+ person (if it happens) tournament could be considered BS.

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cough Super League had 400 people cough

I get what you are saying Doug, and yes the few have ruined it for everyone else, but like you guys, rules are rules, or can I start playing out of turn and not get a 0? :smiley:

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