Intergalactic @ ReplayFX Online Registration Open


Paging Lefkoff and Associates . . .that answer is definitely a yes :slight_smile:


Edit: Adam beat me to it


I’ve never been to ReplayFX, let along played in Pinburgh before, so this is all new to me. Will there be time to fit these games in or is this more for people that didn’t get a chance to buy Pinburgh tickets?

I guess if all else fails, it looks like it’s for charity, so who cares if I don’t get in the games? :grin:


You’ll definitely have time to get your games in while playing in Pinburgh. The schedule is up so you can see there’s plenty of qualifying time.


Not exactly the same situation. We couldn’t give you an exception to playing out of turn because it affects 3 other players in your group.

Giving an exception to IPC would only affect those events over 400 people (still doubtful that will even happen). There is also the fact it is being run by PAPA, which is one of the pillars of high-level competition, if I must say so myself… but I might be biased :slight_smile:


Got to registration page, put in name, email, clicked box to enter credit info, screen froze, stayed that way, no actions fixed it.


I sent you a PM


The new versions of the Android and iOS apps have been pushed up - upgrade at your convenience!


Did I see someone is already in queue for AFM? Haha


“This just in: reports are coming in from all over the World, the queue is under attack…”


Is this the new rule for real or just an idea being floated? For the record, I’m with Josh on following the 10% rule.


This is real. We aren’t going to nerf the value of a tournament by an order of magnitude because one more person wants to donate $20 to charity and play some pinball.


The main ReplayFX schedule page lists “Intergalactic Reg. & Qual” on Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm (i.e., 2 hours). The schedule on the Intergalactic event page itself shows 10 am to midnight Saturday. I’m sure the latter is correct. Can you get the former fixed?



Thanks for noticing that. The site will be updated with the correct hours.


Will there be a Bowen live tutorial seminar during the intergalactic finals again this year? That interrupted the finals for about an hour last year.


Hope not at that time; plays havoc with people’s departure plans. If they do a tutorial, do it so it doesn’t interrupt other things.


The stage was unintentionally double booked, causing the delay in IG finals last year. Best efforts have been made to avoid this.


Intergalactic will have the stage by themselves for finals. We will also be streaming a portion of the finals.


I hope not. Already lost a chance to play him heads up in a Trash Talker because he had to go run off and teach people, heaven forbid! :stuck_out_tongue: