Instructions for the "earplug mod"

Is there a good instructional video for how to setup the “earplug mod” that seems to be common at tournaments


For those that just want to do the mod, and trust what they’ve heard of the benefits without watching the film (though the video is VERY good!), here’s the TL;DW:

  • Get a standard cheap-as-you-can find foam ear plug
  • Roll it length-wise in your fingers to compress it.
  • Insert the compressed ear plug into the hole in the bracket from which the tilt bob stick hangs.
  • Allow ear plug to expand.
  • Adjust the tilt bob sensitivity as needed (typically need to make the tilt bob “tighter”)
  • If the compressed ear plug was too big for the bracket hole, then use a knife to cut the ear plug in half, length-wise.
  • For some Gottlieb/Premier, with no hole in the bracket, you can also insert the ear plug into the hole of the “shepherd’s crook” of the tilt bob stick.

Enjoy much less wait time between balls!