The Pinball Tilt - new pinball film

The Pinball Tilt

An investigative look into the spirit of the pinball tilt. With a calibration guide. As well as introducing an inexpensive modification, that will enhance performance.

Runtime 17 minutes.


Hey man, I can’t watch the whole thing because I’m at work, but I skipped around and it is very clear and well made. Great work.

Very nice! I especially enjoyed the Beefeater cameo.

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Very professional and some great points are made.

I just finished watching it. Very well done. I especially enjoyed the ‘dramatic’ reveal of the inexpensive modification.


This is awesome! I feel pinball tournaments would be much better overall if people started using the “mod”. Phantom tilts suck!

Outstanding video! This should be required viewing for all pinball players and owners.

Bally used to include a similar device in their games…


is that just some cardboard or like foamy type material like earplugs?

Thanks for the kind reponse. Not ment to be presented as the only way to do things. Just hope to spark a little awareness and inspiration.

@sk8ball. Oh my, what is that? Material and instruction of intended usage. Complete news to me.

Thanks, @funwithbonus. Very nice presentation.

Nice job, good information I wish every tournament director would have.

It’s a rubber grommet that fits in the hook hole similar to what you have going on.

Haha, kidding me. Well, how about that.

I actually did a test with a rubber grommet, that I took off the knocker assembly of the Fish Tales game. But it was way too large and made the damn thing rigid and unmovable. It was so hard to work with that it spring rocketed off with I removed it. And I was unable to find it again.

I had a hard time sourcing assorted size of grommets to test with and abandon that experiment. Amazing.

Three years later, I just watched this again and am blown away by how interesting and useful this video is. This is one of my all time favorite posts on the site.


Awesome video Soren … I missed it the first time around.

Thanks for all you do for pinball!

(PS - I finally have all the parts to repair my Big Guns from last years conversations! lol)