INDISC @ Arcade Expo!

Nobody will be 9ing out that Twister if it’s the same one from PATL


Congrats to Zach Sharpe on tonight’s trivia!

Dr Who added to modern lineup - More trivia tomorrow!

For qual play do you go for side ramp strategy or go for multi?

On Dr Who? Sonic Booms all day IMHO.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Time for some more trivia!

See above for rules. And remember, if you’re not planning on attending INDISC, please do not post answer here. Email me if you want to play 4 fun! (

Lets do a classics game this time…ok, here we go…
‘Reach Level 4 to light special.’

Good Luck!

Grand Prix (don’t be lame and say Liberty Bell lol)

You’re right, that would be lame!
And I wish I had a Grand Prix…try again tomorrow.

I’m thinking about attending INDISC. Can I play in the tournament if I can’t make it on Friday? What is the usual schedule of events?

Yes, it’s an unlimited best-game qualifying format Friday and Saturday with finals Sunday*. Many people won’t come until Saturday. Schedule is currently 10am-11pm for qualifying on Saturday with a bonus hour for any volunteer scorekeepers from 11pm-Midnight.

*We are looking at the possibility of starting Classics finals Saturday night and running them until we reach the top 4 or top 8. This will obviously cut into Classics qualifying on Saturday should we go this route.

Good evening all!

Time for a second clue to our last trivia…good luck!

“Shoot Loop to start Double Score”

This one seems to be a bit tougher…time for clue #3!
Here we go…
"_______ gets the ball rolling!"
Good luck!

Think I know the Trivia answer now. Tough one to get. Congrats.

Congrats to KME!

ROCK added to classics lineup!

Confirmed modern games:

Dr Who
Laser War


Jacks Open

Merry Christmas everyone!


Happy New Year everyone!!

Wanted to thank ‘Captains Auction Warehouse’ for being a very generous sponsor of INDISC again this year!

$500 auction gift certificate for Modern ‘A’ winner!
$250 auction gift certificate for Classics ‘A’ winner!

Only 2 weeks away!

Any need to sign up for event our tournament in advance? Or just sign up upon arrival?

Can sign up for tournament on site, however you’ll need a show pass to get in. Check out and for discounted passes.
Search for Arcade Expo. Hopefully still available.

I see nowhere to sign up for the tournament on either the website or the (Unless it only allows signup after you buy tickets?)

You don’t sign up for the tournament until the day of the event.

Hope everyone survived last night! :wink:

I’ll start with a big thanks to Marco Specialties for sponsoring INDISC this year…they’ll be bringing us some cool ‘mystery’ goodies!

Ok, as promised, more trivia…see rules above.

Here we go…1st clue…

‘After 5x comes 10x’

Good luck!

Can you tell us whether this is in modern or classics?