INDISC @ Arcade Expo!

Tournament Dates: January 15th -17th, MLK weekend!

NEW EXCITING NEWS THIS YEAR - INDISC is joining forces with ARCADE EXPO! - So. Cal’s largest pinball tournament at the West Coast’s largest Pinball event!! (Over 1000 games on free play!)

Friday, Jan 15th, 11am – midnight
Saturday, Jan 16th, 10am –mid (scorekeepers only from 11pm-mid)

Finals: (Sunday Jan 17th)
Classics finals: TBA
"A" and “B” Finals will begin after the conclusion of Classics Finals

TOPS tourneys’ for both Master and novice players.

IFPA sanctioned tournament. WPPR’s will be awarded!

PAPA circuit event!!

Project Pinball side tourney!

Over $15k prize pool last 2 years! We expect to surpass that this year!
As always, 100% payback to the players! No space fees, no electric fees and no Karl fees. :wink: Thanks again to Karl for all he does!

More details to come!

If you’re interested in seeing the full list of rules and details or
need any other info like lodging etc., check out our website:
And Arcade Expo’s website:

January is a great time of year to come visit CA! Make your plans now to get out of that snow and rain and spend some time with us! :wink:

Co directors: Karl DeAngelo and Bob Matthews

Always looking for more sponsors! Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list!

Interested in scorekeeping…let us know! (4 entries for every 2 -hr shift! + a bonus hr of qualifying on Sat night!)

See you in January!!


will def be happy to help with scorekeeping - always love hitting up INDISC and with Arcade Expo together should be a blast!


El Nino WHO?

I’ll try to do some scorekeeping again this year. But I’ll need to see my school schedule first.

This is awesome. I’ll try to get time off to make it. I’m already committed to doing a tournament that weekend but hopefully can shift my schedule. If I can go, you can definitely count me in for scorekeeping.

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Oh, neat. They’re going to be at the same place now. I felt that January 2015’s was a missed opportunity, but I’ll miss Chaparral Lanes having so many machines…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

‘Free Entries Trivia’ coming soon!

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Airbnb booked! :beers:

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More cameras for the broadcast!

I must be insane.


Happy Friday everyone!

Time for some updates and…trivia! =)

Got our tournament location secured. Should have room for 12 ‘Modern’ games and 8 ‘Classics’ games! A few more than the previous years!
Best 6 games in ‘Modern’.

If we have over 100 players (which shouldn’t be an issue ;))…Top-24 will qualify! Top-8 will receive a bye!

Not finalized yet, but we are considering starting Classic finals Sat night…and then finishing Sun morning.

With all that being said…let’s kickoff some ‘INDISC bank games Trivia’!!

Here’s how it works:
I will give clues either in text and/or pics. Guess correctly after the 1st clue and win 2 entries at INDISC! More than 1 clue = 1 entry. Only 1 winner per game, so answer quickly! (Also, 1 guess per person, per day!)

If you feel for any reason that you might be ineligible to play…you probably are…so don’t! (Or, ask me 1st!)

AND, OF COURSE, IF YOU’RE NOT PLANNING ON ATTENDING, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PLAYING. Thank you from me and everyone WHO IS planning on attending!

Some games are ‘odd’, some are not.

Ok…here we go…good luck everyone…1st clue…

‘The Floating Eye is watching you!’


Congrats to Jason Werdrick!

DM added to modern bank!

More trivia soon!

All right. Hopefully, I can participate in INDISC and at least visit Arcade Expo. This is if my boss will allow me to take those days off. (She really dislikes giving people requested days off because she is a workaholic.)

Good evening everyone!

Time for some more trivia! See above for rules.

Ok, here we go…good luck!

‘Whoa, check out the flying cow!’

Twister? ?

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Afm secret video mode ?

Medieval Madness (Catapult Cow)

The answer was Twister, correctly guessed first by Tracey Lindbergh via our Facebook page!

"Aw man, you lost your Super Jackpot! - Twister added to modern lineup!

Jacks Open added to classics lineup!

More Trivia soon!

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Would love to see some tips here:

Otherwise it’s going to be on-the-job-training for me at INDISC!

All i know is that it says “Everybody underground now” a lot


The big question will be how many people will tie for the 100 point top score by nining it out.