INDISC 2020 - The Open IFPA Championship!


Anyone knows when streaming starts?

The schedule is here:

(all times Pacific US, hat tip to @85vett above)

It was nice to see Florida well represented last night by Eric Stone. The guy is incredibly intense when he plays and routinely kicks my butt down here in Florida. He won the 2020 INDISC Classics II and came in second in Classics I the night before swapping places with Cayle George. Those two guys will get a ton of point for that feat for sure.

I know they just have one broadcast rig, but it sure would be nice if they paid a little more attention to groups other than the one with the top qualifier. Maybe once in a while move the rig to another group or at least pop standing onto the screen whenever possible? I was keeping track of Eric on my PC with the handy standing page.

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Congrats to Eric Stone, first winner of The Open Championship! Eric also won Classics II and placed second in Classics I. I project Eric will move up to world #3 once results for Indisc are posted.


There was two rigs and I thought the choice of play was spot on.

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Just a message of thanks to Jim, Karl, Bob and all the volunteers, techs, helpers, staff at Banning Museum of Pinball. What an epic venue, what an epic competition - what a brilliant group of people.

I really enjoyed the weekend, was great to see friends, meet new ones and put names to faces and faces to names! I couldn’t think of a more apt designation than World Championship.

You guys absolutely smashed it and you have a huge amount to be proud of!

Thanks again,


Awesome to see Eric win!! There was a lot of great play across the field. What a great tournament all around. Really well run too. Also, totally agree that the Finals had great coverage and used two rigs to keep up with as many groups as possible all the way through. It was fun watching Bob run around as TD. He will be here in Florida for the State Championship next Saturday.

Amazing job on INDISC 2020! It was my first INDISC — after jealously watching past INDISC streams/pics, and hearing people rave about it — it did not disappoint in any way, shape, or form. Jim, Karl, Bob, Jay, and the other volunteers and museum staff are rock stars! I will be making it a priority to attend again next year.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to compete, and against all the incredible competitors, finish in the semifinals of The Open. Congrats to Eric Stone for winning his first Major, and crushing it all weekend in Classics, too.

I searched, but couldn’t find the thread on Diner custom ROM, so posting here…
@soren (is the Diner one yours?)…
We discovered in a multiplayer finals game, that the lit Todays Special scoop shot would award Start Multiball (when a ball was locked) on every other successful shot, and the pattern carried between players. Not sure if this was a random fluke, but the pattern seemed to not be random. In our group, for lit Today’s Special: P1 got Multiball award on ball 1, then P4 got paltry points; then the next Todays Special (with ball locked) P1 ball 2 got Multiball award, one of the next players got paltry points, and P1 ball 3 got another Multiball award.

Can anyone else who has the ROM replicate this? And if so, is it possible to fix this?

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Unless it can be modded to not allow flipper staging, looks like R911 might be a new entrant to the banned games list.

But in all seriousness - HUGE thanks to the team of @pinbwzrd, @kdeangelo, @BMU, @jay, and everyone who pitched in time for putting on another world-class event. I can’t wait to see how 2021 can top this (perhaps me qualifying again? Toughest field yet!).


Are the challenge winners posted anywhere?


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@soren I also noticed that at some point in the day, the first mode lit on Indy 500 changed from Dueling Drivers to Gasoline Alley. (redacted; this was an intentional ROM swap)

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iirc Belsito switched the rom back to factory because the turbo was acting stupid and he wanted to eliminate variables. (thus you seeing the starting mode change after the rom swap)

also iirc, with a tear-down and clean of the turbo optos and some solder re-flowing for good measure the turbo was good to go.


Give me a week or so to recover and get back into the swing and I’ll update the site with all the 2020 Challenge winners


Thank you to all those who made INDISC/The Open go so well this weekend! INDISC has always been great, and they have unbelievably made the event better and better each year.

As for Diner, is it normal for it not to display the player 3 score? Or is that a new ROM thing?
I was trapped up on the left for a very long time on my final ball on it, trying to see my score but I never could. It was always covered up by “ball 1” I believe. Went through the status report repeatedly, but never saw my score while I was trapped up.


Diner does this, if the ball-in-play was shown, and not the score, when the status report sequence is started. Same for all players. There is also a display glitch on the ball/credit page. Nothing to do with the new ROM.

A lot of games, new and old, have trouble showing the main scoring or mode info page at the end of the status report sequence. Meaning while you’re still holding the ball. Can be rather anoying.

That’s one thing I despise about modern games - - the fact that their fancy displays prevent you from seeing all 4 players’ scores when you need to. It’s not for lack of screen space, there’s plenty of that; it would be easy to corner off a portion to always show the scores. The designers just don’t seem to care if you can’t tell how far ahead or behind you are, it’s all “hey, look at these cool effects.”

They had that fixed for a while around 2010… Tron, BBH, IM all always showed scores on the left side. I think partly driven by having extra space on the DMD during movie footage playback, but it was definitely helpful.

Know it’s a little late, but better late then never. This was my first time at INDISC, and I have to say it was awesome and an amazing experience. I will most likely be making this a yearly stop on my calendar. The tournament game setups were perfect in my option. All the games were really playable, and that was nice to see since there were a lot of people traveling far away to this this wonderful event. Thanks to everyone who made this event possible, thanks to the scorekeepers and techs. Special thanks to Jim, Karl, Bob, (probably others I forgot) and thanks to the Scorbit team. Was awesome witnessing this program in person. See everyone next year!