INDISC 2020 - The Open IFPA Championship!

We’re very excited to announce that our 9th annual “It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament” will be held at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA from January 9-12th, 2020!

The Museum of Pinball will be OPEN for INDISC 2020! 500+ pinball machines on Free Play!

New this year:
~ We are now the 5th major! - ‘The OPEN’ IFPA Championship!

~ Senior Division

~ Classic Target-Match Play tournament - Thursday Jan 9th!
(Match-Play tickets go on sale Sat, Oct. 26th at 9am PDT. Ticket link: [ .
Max 2 tickets purchased per player.) (100 person cap!)

More games!
More space!
More players!
More prizes!
More days!
More fun!

A Stern Pro Circuit Event.

INDISC 2018 prize fund was over $22k!
INDISC 2019 prize fund was over $30k+!
2020 expected prize fund - 40k+!

All divisions will be card-based qualifying.

Thursday, Jan 9th, Noon-10pm
Friday, Jan 10th, 10am – midnight
Saturday, Jan 11th, 10am – midnight

Full schedule and more information on our website:

More details to come!

January is a great time of year to come visit CA! Make your plans now to get out of that snow and rain and spend some time with us! :wink:

Not interested in playing in INDISC 2020? You’re still welcome to come see what all the ‘Museum of Pinball’ has to offer…and you can watch the best players in the world battle it out for huge cash and prizes!

Watch all the action on our overhead monitors! =)

Co-directors: Karl DeAngelo, Jay Collins and Bob Matthews

We’re always looking for more sponsors! Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list!

Look for volunteer signups in December.

Like Trivia? Win free entries and have fun doing it! More Details soon!

Finals live-streamed on Twitch TV!

Hope to see you in January!!

Jim, Karl, Jay and Bob

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INDISC banks so far…

The Open (18 games):
Indy 500
BKSoR pro
Cactus Canyon
Banzai Run
Black Rose
Scared Stiff
Class of 1812
Beat the Clock - Bally
Dialed In
Rescue 911
Star light (wms)

Classics (13-16 games):

4 Square
Black Pyramid
Cosmic Princess
Dolly Parton
Force II
Jungle Queen
Spanish Eyes

High Stakes/Women’s (7-8 games):

Grand Lizard
Star Gazer

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All games with Custom roms and their respective changes will be listed here as they are announced.

Open games:

Banzai Run - Cliff jumps fixed at 10k.

Radical - No lock stealing. JP starts at 4mil…then 6, 8mil for 2nd and 3rd jackpots etc. - see TF topic for further info.

Cactus Canyon - Changes

The limit of the bonus-x.
INDISC setting: 24.

“Bonus build”. Options: “Standard” and “Reduced”.
“Standard”: As rev. 1.3.
“Reduced”: Advancing bonus-x will not also advance the bonus base value as much as Standard.
INDISC setting: Reduced

“Showdown add-a-ball”. Options: “Round 1”, “Round 1-2”, “Round 1-3” and “Unlimited”.
Showdown multiball add-a-ball and ball saver adjustment.
INDISC setting: “Round 1-2”: Only the first two Bad guys completions will award add-a-ball/ball saver.

“Stampede scoring”. Options: “Baseline” and “Progressive”.
Stampede multiball scoring adjustment.
“Baseline”: As rev. 1.3. Major shots award 250K (Stampede award). Lit major shots awards 500K (Stampede jackpot).
“Progressive”: A Stampede jackpot streak will +1 a multiplier applied to it. Up to 6x.
Making a Stampede award shot will reset this multiplier to 1x.
INDISC setting: Progressive

When tournament play selected: The Bounty awards follow a fixed sequence. Player individual.

  • 500K
  • Advance rank
  • Light quickdraws
  • +5 Bonus-x
  • Lite left outlane (ball save/gunfight)
  • 1M bonus
  • Light gunfight
  • Light lock (if already lit, award 250K and save for later)
  • 250K
    With 250K for the rest of the game.

Completing Polly Peril awards 2M in addition to the +5 Bonus-x.

A bug where the Stampede jackpot on the left ramp would award both the jackpot and the 250K Stampede award, fixed.

New Match sequence based on the Good shot saloon DMD animation.

Indy 500 Changes

When tournament play selected: The Dueling drivers mode is the lit mode at start-of-game.

When tournament play selected: Light speedway will light the next available mode,
from the latest mode started, in the counter-clockwise direction on the speedway.
Player individual.

A bug where reaching position 1 would not always light/advance the Victory lap, fixed.


If the Secret race mode is started, it will mark the mode it supersedes as played.

If the Go for the pole is started from the skill shot, it is not the reference for “next mode”.
Neither will it unlight the Award speedway, if lit.


(You’ve always wanted to Stir that Cup…well, now you can!)


Adjustment 44 changed from “Not used” to “Reduce ramps”. Options: “No” and “Yes”.
“No”: Same as L-4.

  • The DINER progress resets on multiball end.
  • The left ramp Cash register value max at 100K.
  • For multiball Rush-mode, the 500K ramp scoring alternates between the left and the right ramp.
    INDISC setting: yes


When Reduce ramps selected: Dine-time is build on the left ramp already when Cash register is at 100K.

When Reduce ramps selected: The multiball Rush-mode starts with both ramps lit for the 500K.

When Reduce ramps selected: In multiball Rush-mode, the ramp flahsers indicate which ramp is lit for 500K.

High Stakes game:



New feature adjustment A.2 21 “Spell theatre”.
INDISC setting : “Hard”.
Hard: On THEATRE advance, the Spell theatre light will go off. Making a major shot in the game will re-light it.
Major shots considered: Trunk loop both ways, Trunk, both ramps and the right orbit. Not the left orbit.

New feature adjustment A.2 22 “Combo max value”. Options: 8M - 80M in 4M steps. INDISC setting: 10M
On combo value build-up, when it reaches this value, it will stop incrementing.
Combo scoring will proceed at this value.

New feature adjustment A.2 23 “Bonus-x adv”. Options: “1” and “2”. INDISC: “1”.
Bonus-x increment for each top lane completion. 1 or 2. With 2 being 1x->2x on first completion.

New feature adjustment A.2 24 “Hocus 2nd saver”. Options: “No” and “Yes”. INDISC: “Yes”.
In single ball play only!
If the Hocus pocus outlane saver magnet fails, a compensation one shot ball saver will serve the ball to the plunger lane.
The feature only saves balls going to an outlane, that should have been saved to an inlane.

When tournament play selected: Basement awards.
A catch-up choice that will award progress on Illusions or Clock. Which ever is lacking behind the other.
If the clock is 10 or 11 am, Madness is awarded.
If the clock progress is less than the Illusions progress, Adv. clock is awarded.
Else Illusion is awarded.
Special cases:
Illusion is not awarded if achieved for this Grand finale, if already lit, if one is currently running or when other states where an Illusion cannot be started at the Trunk.
Adv. clock/Madness is not awarded if achieved for this Grand finale.
If Illusion is not available, Adv. Clock is awarded if not achieved for this Grand finale.
If neither is available, 20 Million is awarded.

When tournament play selected: Limited ball search. No compensation locked balls release or free multiball.

Trunk ball saver is disabled.

The max bonus-x 5M is awarding 5M points.

Midnight is corrected to be at 12 AM. Not 12 PM.

Balancing the THEATRE objective difficulty.
Balancing combo shots payout.
Balancing bonus-x work/reward.

Having Illusions, Midnight madness and, ultimately, Grand finale more into play via Basement awards in competition play.

The outlane saver feature is 100%.


Spell theatre is always lit at start-of-ball.
Spell theatre is always lit when Theatre mode, Lock multiball and Grand finale finishes.

The Hocus pocus saver compensation works when the saver mechanism is broken (proximity switch or magnet).
But, requires inlane, outlane, trough and shooter lane switches to be in shape.

The Advance clock Basement award is +3.

Max bonus-x is 8.

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nothing on Diner yet? :slight_smile:

…because watching everyone dick around with the captive ball is so much better? :wink:

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I haven’t all day!

Is that going to be the strat? I don’t even know what the scoring is for the captive ball.

Paging Cayle lol

lights 2x cliff jump and laps

Which captive ball? :wink:

The Classics Target Match Play Championship has officially been expanded to 120 players! If you are near the top of the waitlist, keep an eye out for an email from Eventbrite to purchase your ticket. You will have 48 hours to respond before forfeiting your position.

If you are currently registered for Classics Target Match Play and are unable to attend, please let us know here or by sending an email to


Most importantly, victory laps after jackpot collect for as long as you can stay up there. Since no one ever shoots for it now, it’s much harder to get used to recovering and shooting again, but if cliff jump is useless, people will get good at that captive ball real quick I think. You may even see some Finish Lines as a result (which I’ve never done personally).

@pinbwzrd what will be the settings on Beat The Clock?

Can it be set to 3 balls?:grin:

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9 days! … Are you ready?

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I’m heading to the event from San Diego, just looked at the details of the location, I was planning to fly to LAX then drive but it looks like driving from San Diego is a better option?


Definitely drive from San Diego instead of flying to LAX!


Definitely drive! Even though the distance is a smidge more, given typical SoCal traffic patterns, it will probably take LESS time to drive from SD than from LAX, plus you’ll save money.


thanks guys, adjusting my itinerary! :smiley: