INDISC 2018 - 'It Never drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival'!!


Will NBA Fastbreak use basketball style scoring?
Will championship rings be worth bonus points or trump non-championship ring game scores?


PAPA/IFPA rules, which INDISC are using since they’re a circuit event, specifically state that a ring in NBAFB is worth 100 points.


Curious on how you guys is going to tweak TOM for high level competition play.

I wanted to try out an idea. But never got around to it before my buddy swapped out a game I had at my disposal.

My idea is to have some foamy stuff on the post at the right orbit return that will stick out and bump the ball to the left. Preferable all the way to the left flipper. Sometimes the ball is rather slow though, from the pops. So it might be too SDTM beasty.


Well, 1st we are using your rom patch! :slight_smile:
(Using your JY patch too!)

I actually did something pretty close to your idea…I’ll take a pic sometime soon and post.

As for your software enhancement, any possibility u could add ‘tournament’ awards in the basement?
Something like AFM stroke of luck new tournament settings. Then there would be a reason to maybe shoot that shot in tourney play!

Thanks 4 all u do!


Jim, what are the changes in the ROM patches compared to the original ROMs for both ToM and JY? For ToM, I assume lesser bonuses, and for JY I assume changes to the video mode?




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I am certainly very happy to hear this, Jim. Hope they will suit the tourney well. And thanks.

You’ve notised the feature of Trunk error state resetting when the coin door is opened, right. So on false alarm, a game in progress may proceed with the Trunk in play. What I am saying is, consider strapping in the power switch only. Or the power and the CPU door switches individually. All scenarios considered.

Mod suggestion taken into consideration. I can see how Start illusion and Midnight madness somewhere in the line at the Basement would open up the game. Especially for best game competition usage.

I like how INDISC finds unusual games to use. And the ingenuity of modifications to make them suitable. The Partyzone, to name one. Apart from games in crisp condition, just what is needed to balance the shots out. And limit game times.

Good luck with the event.


Not saying I’m gonna do it but is there a strat for Trophy MB?


Focus on the hardest stuff to get it out of the way: combos and pop bumper modes (aka Power Hoops modes). Regular multiballs, Field Goals, and Stadium Goodies tend to take care of themselves, though the latter might require a little attention.


I was wondering for the MB itself. Coincidentally I just pulled it off a few mins ago and managed to win the ring despite flailing the entire time. I was wondering if the points can be made from any ramp and if there was a best one to shoot for. Thanks


In Trophy MB, only the center ramp scores. So that’s probably the best one to aim for. :slight_smile:


Lol, boo the one shot I didn’t want to take.


There’s unlimited ball save until either team wins so don’t worry about any drain risks.


Well…a little later than expected, but just in the nick of time…well almost.

Trivia time…you know all the rules…

Ok, here we go…good luck…1st clue:

This game has a max spinner value of 0.25M…so, go ‘rip that spinner’!




Congrats to David Oliver!
Met LE is the last modern bank game!


Anyone not coming to this tournament will be missing out. Every game in the main bank has a giant monitor overhead showing the gameplay. Two sets of bleachers facing the games. 500ish pins down the hall on free play.

Incredible job so far by @pinbwzrd @kdeangelo and the rest of the crew.


what time is going live? Any estimate?


Live standings at