INDISC 2018 - 'It Never drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival'!!


Stream starting soon!


Wow… Scorbit is cool!

And the stream quality is fantastic!


“The Beautiful Allison” 10 57 PM. playing Monopoly. Why make that comment? Please comment on the attractiveness of others weird pinball streamer


Wasn’t he talking about the wife of the guy sitting right next to him?


Oh, ok. I guess that makes her physical appearance relevant for commentary.



I don’t even know what’s being referred to here, but for some reason I’ve been noticing this a lot lately as a common thing that gets said. Someone says: “…and beautiful wife/girlfriend [name]”.

I never hear “…handsome husband/boyfriend”.

It’s quite the one way street. It’s not as if any adjectives are required in this situation, but there are so many better ones that give would give insight into the person in a more meaningful way than by praising their genetics.


Pinball has taught me that Ive been sexist (always working on it) . It has also taught me how many others need to work on it.


My favorite part of it so far is the part most people haven’t seen yet. It is built into Karl’s scorekeeper software so when they finish a game, the suggested score is already on the scorekeeper’s tablet to approve. :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s like magic! ToM was an appropriate choice to demo.

What’s the install like?


Thanks for the support! It’s super simple, takes only a few minutes. It’s a custom piece of hardware that can take input from different sources (in this case, the display) and connects to our platform. We can’t wait to show everyone what this little guy can do.


Also, for anyone interested in updates about our platform, go here:


Do finals stream today? If so what time?


Stream starts at 9 am local time, I think.


Thanks Steve. I also forgot they are 3 hours behind our time zone!


Robert Gagno, 8M on first ball of Taxi in the first round!


No stream?


Twitch, YouTube , what am I missing to find stream. Cannot find it


Just started a few minutes ago. Twitch/iepinball


In case anyone hasn’t seen the setup… it’s awesome.
Pics of finals…


Maybe I’m confused- women’s finals are happening right now, but they are streaming the other quarterfinals games instead. Why not women’s finals?