INDISC 2017!

Hello all!

We’re very excited to announce that our 6th annual “It Never Drains in Southern California 2017” will be held at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA from January 13-15, 2017! The museum has been very generous in working with us and allowing us to hold our tournament there despite Arcade Expo’s date change.

Please note: This is a private event. Only tournament competitors will be granted entry into the museum. The pinball machines used in the tournament and in the practice bank will be the only ones available for play. The remainder of the museum’s arcade and pinball machines will be powered off and unavailable.

There will be a $20 entry/registration fee per person used to cover the Museum’s operating costs for the weekend. Each player will receive 3 entries with registration.

Friday, Jan 13th, 11am – midnight
Saturday, Jan 14th, 10am –mid (scorekeepers only from 11pm-mid)

Finals: (Sunday Jan 15th)
Classics finals: TBA
"A" and “B” Finals will begin after the conclusion of Classics Finals

TOPS tourneys’ for both Master and novice players.

IFPA sanctioned tournament. WPPR’s will be awarded!

PAPA circuit event!! (Thanks again to all who voted for us!) =)

Project Pinball side tourney!

Over $15k prize fund last 3 years!

More details to come!

If you’re interested in seeing the full list of rules and details or
need any other info like lodging etc., check out our website:
And Arcade Expo’s website:

January is a great time of year to come visit CA! Make your plans now to get out of that snow and rain and spend some time with us! :wink:

Co directors: Karl DeAngelo and Bob Matthews

Always looking for more sponsors! Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list!

Interested in scorekeeping?..let us know! (4 entries for every 2 -hr shift! + a bonus hr of qualifying on Sat night!)

Coming in from out of state? 3 free entries for you!

Like Trivia? Win free entries! More Details soon!

Finals live-streamed on Twitch TV!

Hope to see you in January!! :slight_smile:


Just booked my flights last night, see you guys there!


Seattle coming down!


Game trivia is coming soon…! :slight_smile:

Royal Rumble!


You’d have to let me borrow that one! Sold mine a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!

… Star Trek.

Brunswick Alive! What do I win?

I’m kind of confused. So this is going to be separate from Arcade Expo? I know Arcade Expo will be postponed to March, but is there a reason why INDISC will be held separately from it?

Arcade expo was originally supposed to be in Jan, but was postponed to March due to construction. The museum of pinball will allow INDISC to be held there in Jan regardless. During INDISC the machines in tournament will be the only machines playable. Lol I hope out of towners like giant dinosaurs and vast nothingness. I’m bringing a metal detector, or my computer and a projector to play pinball arcade and visual pinball if they’ll let me.


Well, what I mean is why INDISC isn’t also postponed to March. Is it a conflict with another event? Is it because the dates were finalized before Arcade Expo’s postponement?

I’m thinking about how Arcade Expo draws people into INDISC who otherwise might not have known or cared about it. The two going on at the same time right next to each other fuels each other.

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Arcade Expo is the same weekend as the IFPA Nationals/IFPA Pinmasters/IFPA Women’s World Championship.


There were multiple reasons we couldn’t postpone our date, one being we’re the last event for the 2016-17 PAPA Circuit. The 2017-18 Circuit will have begun already by March. Also the IFPA Pin-Masters / IFPA Nationals / IFPA Women’s Championship all conflict with the new Arcade Expo dates.

We’re lucky to be able to hold it at the Museum as we were originally told we couldn’t. The finer details of our arrangement are still being worked out @A.M.Bush so stay tuned.


I think it’s obvious that the intent is that future INDISCs will be held concurrently with Arcade Expo; it’s just that construction/repairs have made this year an exception.

I do wonder if Arcade Expo will still hold a tournament in some capacity to cater to those who arent quite “IFPA Pin-Masters” yet, but still want to scratch their competitive itch.

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Didn’t they have a tournament the first year and Matt Topper won the phantom of the opera?

Now I remember. No WPPR points, but a machine’s a nice alternate prize. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to do something about this… still up in the air at this point however.

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Thanks for the explanations! That makes a lot of sense, even more so if this is a transitional period.

One more question: Will spectators be allowed in? I intend to go participate in INDISC, but there’s someone I know who wants to come with me but has zero interest in the tournaments. (Nothing personal. She prefers playing noncompetitively.)

Are you doing the bonus hour for volunteers after qualifying has ended?