IFPA Website Down

It appears as though the IFPA website is down, or is it just me?

@pinwizj must be stuffing all those dollars in the servers again

P.S. Looks like it’s down for everyone :smiley: https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ifpapinball.com


I sent Josh an email in case he didn’t know. Thanks for the verification.

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I’m sure @Shep is on the case :slight_smile:

It appears to be up again. Was there some type of update / change to the interface? I’m getting all sorts of weird behavior.

I can’t find the Tournament Director page to submit results anywhere. If I log in and hit the “Submit Results” button, it wants me to log in again. If I hit Login, I get taken to my profile page and there isn’t anything to manage.

Also, if I search under “Active Leagues” for “Harrisburg” under location, it shows 13 duplicate leagues all with the same date (6/6/18). If I open one of the events and try using the “Select Date” on the left, it doesn’t do anything.

EDIT -> I found the Tournament Manager button finally, but it appears as though submissions are disabled? I’m getting a big red bar saying “Submissions have been disabled until further notice”.

Yeah there will be some weird things the next few days.

After the crash last week before IFPA WC, I quickly threw up an instance onto AWS, but because we’re on new versions of Ubuntu, PHP, etc, alot of things broke. I didn’t have time to fix everything, so did enough to to survive IFPA WC. I reverted back to the original server on Monday, so things could go back to normal and give me time to get all the AWS kinks worked out.

Of course, our server went down again, forcing us back to AWS (hence why uploads/calendar entries are down again).

I should have everything working by sometime Sunday.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check back next week and submit the results. Good luck getting it squared away. Sounds like a fun time! :grimacing:

You rock, Brian! Thanks again for all the tireless work you put into the IFPA site.




User icon checks out. :wink:

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Is the website fully functional? I ran a tournament over the weekend and was having some issues finding people through the website search. Name search wouldn’t return any results, so we had to dig up the results of the player’s last tournament and then find them that way.

I submitted league results last week and they are showing up under the league, but not inside of any player’s profile.

For example, if you go here, you’ll find the league results, however if you click on any player’s name, you won’t see the league in their list of events.



I’m experiencing issues too. Tournament results aren’t posted to profiles but show up in state standings.

I submitted a new tournament the other day and it disappeared from my upcoming tournaments. Definitely some weirdness going on.

I do see the super states have been activated. Quite a few and June just started.

I know @Shep has been working through a bunch of issues during our transition over to the new server.

If your tournament or calendar is missing, please resubmit it. @JBO, you might have caught me between a database restore I did during a rankings rebuild.

Other thank that, everything should be back to normal

To be clear, you are only requesting re-submissions for tournaments to be posted on the calendar. Not results?

If you submitted results and no longer see the results in the system you will need to resubmit as they could have been lost in the transition

That’s what I am seeing as well. The results are on the Past Results page and the State Standings page, but not on the player’s Main Profile page.