IFPA Website Down


Looks like women’s tournaments are missing as well.


All my tournaments are not added and updated accurately. I made no changes.


The IFPA site is down here (and for everyone) since this morning (Central European Time). Chrome says: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. @Shep?, could you please take a look?

Likely cause: too many result submissions / second by @PressStart after returning home from holidays :wink:


Site came back online minutes ago. Thanks!


Seems down for me today.


Website and API are down for me as well (IFPA Companion App isn’t working as it relies on the API)


Correction: API is up, but the app is crashing because the profile images are served on the public website. I’m rolling up a fix now for it but because I’m headed to Vegas today I doubt I can get it released this week.


Site is down again.