IFPA SCS/WWC/Pinmasters stream rig gofundme



IFPA site says it will be streamed from here:


Enjoyed the stream yesterday. Is the footage going to be uploaded to Youtube? Looks like there is no VOD replay on Twitch.


I appreciate the enormous amount of work it must take to get all of the gear/camera set-up, in addition to all of the work it takes to simply run the event itself. But it was very frustrating to not have the player information available on the stream. People in the chat were asking every five minutes who was playing and a lot of people could not have sound enabled to hear it from the commentators. I really hope those logistics are sorted out for the next large-scale event stream.

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Are the scs finals going to put online somewhere? Watching a pinmasters clip where at the beginning someone says something like unfortunately I wasn’t recording locally yesterday so all that great play is lost. That the batcity twitch archives now has Lois of pingolf videos but no scs / women’s champion gameplay makes me nervous. I wasn’t able to catch any of those streams live

I understand SCS is lost to the ages. The next three days however are not so that’s pretty good if you ask me. Excellent job by Garrett in keeping everything running smoothly over the course of the entire long weekend. Especially given the limitations of the firmware and hardware you really couldn’t have asked for better.

Thank you all for the coverage this weekend! I spent many hours watching it.

HUGE thanks to Garrett for pulling this all together. I’ll be the first to admit that there’s no way between Zach and myself that we could do anything more than Facebook live stream off our phone because we’re at the technological level of an 80 year old.


He was the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. “No” is not in Garrett’s vocabulary. Can we switch games, right now? Done. Can you mute the mic for a second so I can talk some smack about somebody? Done. Can we spotlight the mic on Eric “The Weatherman” Stone for some self commentary? Of course you idiot, I’m Garrett and I’m a genius. I can only imagine what could be done with a budget. I’d like to see some instant replay/slow mo capability.


The Eric audio stream was incredible. Papa, ifpa, iepinball, etc streaming power brokers: check out that clip and let’s get mic’d up players on future broadcasts. Game changing greatness, I tell you.


Looks like they still haven’t added that functionality unless I’m missing something…

Same source cropped differently like this? Apparently only cropping is supported, but it is possible. You have to use OBS Studio. I think using OBS over XSplit could fix some of the computer woes we were having over the weekend.

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Yup thats it! I think I’ll be skipping OBS for TPF but I’ll definitely revisit OBS after TPF. I was just writing an email to the guy that wrote camcontrol to ask if he’d be interested in improving it for us.

No problem I was glad to help!

I found a workaround for using 21 c920s. Its not ideal but, it seems to work. I’m going to use this at TPF and report back before I post everything involved in this setup and how I’m setting it up and using it.

In the meantime… Anyone know someone who can make a better version of this software for some cash? http://www.medienkunstonline.de/CamControl.zip

Alright, I’ll bite. Is CamControl the reason you didn’t run into the dreaded Logitech issues? Did you run the stream on Win10? If CamControl didn’t do it, HOW?

The rig uses Win10. CamControl was the only thing that saved us from the dreaded logitech issue. However, I’m trying to use 21 cams and CamControl crashes after you plug in somewhere around 4-6 cameras. The rig is able to have all 21 cameras plugged in at the same time but, because we can only control 4ish of them we had to hot swap all the camera cables and use CamControl to clean up the image during the stream.

For TPF preparation I spent most of yesterday trying something that seems to at least eliminate the need to hot swap the cables so we wont have pauses and dropped frames from swapping cables. I plugged in all 21 cameras and found the one camera I could control inside of xsplit, labeled it 21 with some masking tape and a pen and repeated the process until I had labeled all of the cameras 21-1. Plugged them back in 1-21 changing the settings on each as I went and was able to set each of the cameras. This process seemed to work even after a restart so whatever xsplit/logitech is using for high camera wins is persistent at least. The downside is you only get one shot at the camera settings so if lighting conditions change or you make a mistake you’re stuck…

I did end up finding the guy that wrote the camcontrol software. I’m going to see if he’s interested in fixing the crashing bug and supporting more cameras.


By finally putting this question to bed you just gave the world days if not months of footage. Thanks! :joy:

After close to 3 days of uploading, the first day is finally on youtube. Hope the resolution will correct itself after a bit. Other days will have to wait til after TPF.


thank you for the hard work!

Ok well… 21 cameras plugged in was hammering the cpu at or close to 100%. The preview shown in xsplit had some reasonable drop frames but, I’m watching the recorded footage and its sooooooo choppy its not worth watching. I’ve got the fastest processor available in my PC and I’m going to see about upgrading my gpu from a gtx970. If that doesn’t work I think lowering the PF resolution is the only answer. If that doesn’t work, fewer cameras or swapping out cables might be the only option.