IFPA SCS/WWC/Pinmasters stream rig gofundme


Just watched the footage on twitch and its much better than what was recorded. I’ll see if I can get that archived to youtube.


Wow this takes a long time to upload! Pin-Masters day two qualifying will be available here after processing is done in another 2 hours or so.


Oops forgot to set the video to public. Enjoy day 2! I bought a better GPU for the rig with some of my TPF winnings to see if I can lower the cpu use somewhere below a constant 100% :slight_smile: I’ll get the Pin-Masters finals after I’m done restarting and messing with the PC.


Unless encoding/transcoding is the bottleneck, odds are pretty low a GPU upgrade will improve the situation much. With 21 camera, you’re most likely blocking on IO – that is, the CPU copying data from USB to memory, then memory to disk.

On the input side, a small win might be to make sure all your cameras speak USB 3.0, USB 2 and earlier used a really cpu intensive polling model for data transfer. USB 3+ greatly reduces the amount of polling the CPU has to do. You might also take some time to profile the system while in operation to see where all your CPU time is going. (Unfortunately I haven’t the foggiest on how to do this in Windows)


IFPA Pin-Masters Finals are finally up!


TPF 2017 final rounds


For convenience, here’s the link to the BatCity YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdVufKryGdWZA-HxhQWzHEA


I haven’t posted the lowdown on the rig yet because, its obviously having problems (See TPF footage above :frowning: ) I’ve got some new HW and I’m switching to OBS for Cactus Jacks. I think Xsplit is encoding all 21 cams constantly, even though you are looking at maybe 4 cameras tops at any time. I don’t think there is a way to change this is in Xsplit. Poking around in OBS today I found a checkbox under source properties called deactivate when not showing! I’m not sure if this will be the fix but, when testing on my laptop the scene with no cameras uses about 1.6% cpu and the scene with one camera uses about 6%.

Hopefully this will work out and I can put my seal of (this may be a pain in the ass to do but, it works and its cheap) approval and break everything down so other people can create similar rigs. I’d hate to give a list of materials now then find out the issues I’m having can’t be resolved. Should have a final verdict on all this junk soon!


Does that mean you have footage from TPF other cameras that weren’t shown on the live stream at the time? It’d be cool to go back and watch my games. :slight_smile:


Nope :frowning: There is no way to record all of the different camera streams inside of the software that I’m using at least.


So the functionality in OBS looked promising until we got 12 or so cameras hooked up. Deactivate when not showing seems to minimize cpu use but, crazy artifacts started showing up on all the scenes I had setup so we had to ditch that option. The cpu use in OBS also seems to be crazy inaccurate. Once we got 14-15 hooked up I noticed fps took a hit even though OBS thought cpu use was around 17%. Windows task manager showed we were actually using 90%+.

I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to try but, I think there are just to many cameras. :frowning: