IFPA POWER 100 Invitational


Jordan did win PAPA B. So at least he has competed abroad.


So the Hungarian pitbull, currently ranked 194th in the world, is now officially the most Powerful in the universe. Does that mean he gets his flight paid to the invitational?


Current participant list. Registration closes September 19th.

1 Keith Elwin
2 Raymond Davidson
3 Karl DeAngelo
4 Andrei Massenkoff
5 Cayle George
6 Josh Sharpe
7 Johnny Modica
8 Jason Werdrick
9 Sebastian Bobbio
10 Derek Fugate
11 Alberto Santana
12 Zac Wollons

13 Zach Sharpe
14 Aaron Grabowski
15 Jason Scheffelmaer
16 Trent Augenstein
17 Escher Lefkoff
18 Lyman Sheats
19 Adam Lefkoff
20 Fred Richardson


Participant list updated. We just went from a PG-13 event to a Rated R event . . . Becker signed up :slight_smile:

1 Keith Elwin
2 Zach Sharpe
3 Raymond Davidson
4 Karl DeAngelo
5 Andrei Massenkoff
6 Cayle George
7 Josh Sharpe
8 Adam Becker
9 Jason Scheffelmaer
10 Johnny Modica
11 Jason Werdrick
12 Sebastian Bobbio
13 Derek Fugate
14 Alberto Santana
15 Zac Wollons

16 Aaron Grabowski
17 Trent Augenstein
18 Escher Lefkoff
19 Lyman Sheats
20 Adam Lefkoff
21 Fred Richardson


so you are saying Escher can’t get in anymore? :slight_smile:


Updated participant list below. We’re also separating out the collection at IFPA HQ into 4 categories and will be playing rounds in order of those categories (separated by age). Those categories are available here:


Also plan on having Jack Danger over to stream this thing, so it should be a fun time! Registration deadline is Wednesday so we’ll see if there’s any straggler signups.

1 Keith Elwin
2 Zach Sharpe
3 Raymond Davidson
4 Karl DeAngelo
5 Andrei Massenkoff
6 Cayle George
7 Josh Sharpe
8 Adam Becker
9 Jason Scheffelmaer
10 Jack Tadman
11 Trent Augenstein
12 Escher Lefkoff
13 Johnny Modica
14 Jason Werdrick
15 Sebastian Bobbio
16 Derek Fugate
17 Alberto Santana
18 Adam Lefkoff
19 Zac Wollons




looking forward to watch!


do you need someone to come last? :smiley:



WOW, all that money up for grabs and only 20 are interested? I hear many players wishing for a high stakes tourney and yet given the choice they don’t partake. Be a great way to justify an Expo visit and play against the best all in one trip.



I’d play if they let me.


Guess it shows what many top players think of Chicago Expo right now thou 20/100 isn’t bad, if they opened it out to top 250 might have had double but again pretty sure Josh is pretty happy only having 20 people at his house lol.


Especially since what maybe 40ish of the power 100 are outside of North America. So 1 in 3 that you might reasonably expect to participate are in. Seems like a good turnout to me.


I’m into the concept of a Power 100 high stakes event, but I don’t like Expo and wouldn’t make the trip just for a 3 strike knockout. That said, I’m looking forward to the stream!


It’s now a 6-strike :slight_smile:

(Keefer strike rules)


Which variation is that?


4 player groups —> [0-1-1-2] strikes
3 player groups —> [0-1-2] strikes

2 player groups I actually have no idea. As TD I should probably figure that out before we start :slight_smile:
(I’m guessing it’s 1 strike for 2nd place)


Two strikes for 2nd place. To help you memorize:

  • Winner never gets a strike
  • Loser always gets two strikes
  • Anyone else gets a single strike


i second that, and i am not sure i’d like to get whooped at IFPA HQ but can’t wait to see the stream :wink:


Good to know! That would have been mega-embarrassing to not realize the tournament was over if that ended up happening :slight_smile: