IFPA POWER 100 Invitational


More embarrassing would be to jump up and down thinking you won the tournament just to be told that there was one more round! :open_mouth:


24 people are registered to play!
Should be a fun time :sunglasses::trophy::beers:


@pinwizj : are you also going to publish the list of the stakes level that each player chose?


I haven’t decided yet if I want to make that public . . . I still have some time to think about it :slight_smile:


I jokingly call it the Pinburgh 100, not the Power 100. If you have a bad Pinburgh, you’re dead and plummet. If you have several bad Pinburghs (i.e. me)…forget about it.

As a wise man once said, “PLAY BETTER!”. Good luck to the best of the best players!


Similar thing can be said for the Stern Circuit standings. I didn’t attend Pinburgh this year. When the points finally posted for Pinburgh, I fell from around 30th in the standings to 50th. Sheesh!


A little update for ye all. Surprised it didn’t make it over here yet.
To all participating and supporting this, safe travels and best of scores.



Good luck to all the players today.


Will the buy-in levels be revealed? Looking forward to the stream!


What time is it and who’s streaming? Looking forward to it!


Starts at 11am Chicago time. Jack is streaming on the Dead Flip Twitch channel.


He recently changed his channels link to, deadflip’s channel



Please tell me this is the actual game list. Haha



Era of game used will vary by round.


On matchplay.events it looks like most of the players weren’t entered with their ifpa number, so the matchplay ranking system won’t associate them with their MP account and other tournaments (I believe) unless each player manually claims their name. @haugstrup can remind us how to claim identical names that weren’t linked to our accounts by TDs. I encourage everyone (not just in this tournament) to do this as it helps the matchplay ranking system improve its accuracy (if I understand this correctly).


Looks like our regning PAPA World champion took the win, coming back to take it from Escher’s Dad (or as he used to be called @Adam) :slight_smile: congrats!


Without an IFPA number Match Play Ratings will still collect players under a single identity based on their name. So as long as the names are spelled correctly everything in the ratings system is good to go. There are other advantages to adding IFPA numbers to your players so keep doing that. :slight_smile:


Power 100 results are up the tournament only scored out at a 72% TCP, think the format is great but sure would be nice if the format was changed to get it to a 100% tournament.


With the extremely low player count I don’t think anyone was counting on this event to have any impact on their ranking.

The timing of the event with everyone also participating in Expo over the weekend was part of the format design. Ending at 5pm so everyone had time to get dinner and head back to the Classics grind worked perfectly for me.