IFPA POWER 100 Invitational

Sent a survey out yesterday to the current Power 100, and realized it was probably best to at least semi-publicly post the possibility of this, as qualifying is happening RIGHT NOW based on our Power 100 metric.

Here was an excerpt of the email with details on the venture:

If you’re getting this, it means that you’re currently in the IFPA POWER 100.

What’s the POWER 100? We introduced a new metric a couple of months back. Read up on it here:

The current POWER 100 list is available here:

We’re looking into putting together a tournament strictly for those players that finish in the POWER 100 at the end of the year, as a high stakes ‘private’ event being held at IFPA Headquarters (a.k.a. my basement).

The idea wouldn’t be anything fancy. Just a basic 3-strikes tournament with whoever in the POWER 100 wants to show up. Entry fee would either be $100 or $250.

The idea would be to run this in conjunction with Pinball Expo in October of 2018, specifically the Friday of Expo week.

Quick survey results so far, 39 of the Power 100 have answered (side note - 60 of the Power 100 are from US/Canada at the moment).

  • 25 out of 39 voted they would play in it
  • 18 of those 25 people said this would motivate them to attend Pinball Expo when previously they were not planning on attending
  • 16 of those 25 people preferred the $100 entry fee to the $250 entry fee

I brought this up to my wife last night, who responded with the “Do I have a choice?” . . . which is the current level of me successfully negotiating a hall pass.

We’re likely to go with a $100 entry fee, and then three SIDEPOT levels at $150, $200 and $250 for anyone interested in playing for higher stakes.

There will be an official announcement if we do proceed, but figured it was best to bring this up since we will lock in that Power 100 group at 12/31/17 for purposes of this event.


For the record, I like the general idea of a Power 100 invitational but voted not interested. Expo isn’t one of my annual trips, and I wouldn’t make the trek just for this because I think knockouts are kind of a lousy format. Totally understand the need to run something simple with the amount of time you’re working with and Expo Friday seems like a logical choice to do it.


End of the year meaning 2017 for a tourney to be played in October 2018?

Obviously I didn’t get an invitation-I was in the Power 100 for about 2 days and then dropped below the cut line :slight_smile: I hit screen save to mark that I achieved something meaningful for a brief moment in time :slight_smile:

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Yep. Plenty of time for people to plan their trip to Chicago if they are interested.

FPF results knock you out???

Last year I was 1st and 4th in classics and main. The anniversary passed and I lost my 25% in each tourney and dropped below the cut line. This year I qualified for both events but did not make final 4 so, I doubt I would regain enough points. Oh well-travel more and play better :slight_smile:

LOL pay $100 to Josh Sharpe to be beaten on his own games so he can win it all and buy a new game.

Don’t get me wrong I like higher stakes tournaments. I think with that price and in a private collection you could open it to top 250 IFPA ranked and still possibly not fill the field.

Awaiting Josh’s “I never win at my own place” response…

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My money is on Zach :wink:

There’s no “field to fill” on this. In my mind something in the 20-30 player range would be great.

Back in the day Lyman would host a post-Expo tournament at his place. We did No Limit for a few years while it was hot, and other fun formats over the years. This is pretty much the extension of that.

Limiting it to the Power 100 allows us to give some “meaning to the metric” while making sure my wife doesn’t have to deal with more than ~30 people in the house that day.

The chance it brings more quality players to Expo is a nice side effect too.

So yes, come play me on my games and lose … Or don’t :stuck_out_tongue:


When Zach doesn’t show up I have a chance :wink:


I voted “not interested”, but perhaps I should clarify

IF I someday would play Chicago Expo I would definitely want to play the Power 100 as well, but I can only afford so many trips to the US (some years no trips at all :-(), and Pinburgh, PAPA (and IFPA) will always take precedence.



Hehe while I’ve been happy with the move up the rankings I’ve done in the last year, I am still not in the Power 100. Won’t be for a long time, New England does not have a lot of top 250 ranked players. Also I am garbage against the ones we do have :slight_smile:

What would really interest me is having best of the power 250 (up to 100 players) of the best players that attend Replay FX play in a specific format on the Sunday. The finals are over and the other tournament isn’t of interest to me. That would actually get me to stay the extra day on Sunday. A small tournament at your house is great, but for the expense the Chicago Expo isn’t a show I go to so this would need to be a really good format for me to attend. And three strike doesn’t really do it for me.

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If anyone in the Mediocre 150 wants to host a medium stakes tournament to settle once and for all who the most mediocre player is, count me in.


The Second Tier Invitational, biggest trophy goes to the second place finisher.


What Mats said.

I will have to choose Not interested, but that isn’t completely correct. I am definitely interested in a Power100 tournament, this isn’t quite enough though this time. Plus the timing of Expo doesn’t work for me as a teacher as it would be during term time. Thanks though Josh, love the idea and hope this can be built upon.


Use this stat to build a tournament for streaming/spectating imo

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Pinball Pay-per-View? :star_struck:

Your answer of “not interested” is actually the real answer I’m looking for. The underlying motivation is getting more high level players to Expo’s Flip Out tournament, and if this invitational helps move them there, then that’s a good data point.

Last year at Flip Out there were 22 players ranked in the top 100 that competed. Through this survey, while it’s not the WPPR Top 100, there were 18 people in the Power 100 that answered it would motivate them to attend Expo when they previously weren’t planning on it.

That nearly doubles the amount of “high level players” that would be at Expo, which is a material difference in participation for that event IMO.


That’s a good underlying motivation. Good news for Flip Out: 22 was up from 16-17 in the 2015 &2016 tourneys.

I’m sure being on the Stern Pro Circuit will add to the draw as well.