IFPA POWER 100 Invitational


Just going in the esports direction where your revenue for the event is coming from sponsors + spectatators (direct and indirect interest in your product.) Always thought that invitiational events were the best opportunity for this approach since you’re not burdened with the qualifying process, which is easily the most boring part of competitive pinball to watch.


so you are saying other TD should do that in their region to boost their own event? ok ok :wink:


The Chicago Expo is really an industry show for operators and vendors, it isn’t really my thing. The last time I was there the tournament setup was terrible, free play area was shit and as they had a huge glare towards the games were located in a busy area and there was this guy in a wheelchair yelling at everyone. I refuse to spend that much money to attend when the organizers put the tournament as a backseat to all the other activities that go on. I experienced it and glad I went but you would need to setup an amazing competitive tournament for me to attend Chicago Expo. Hope my challenge will be accepted as the only reason I would be going is to attend your tourney and only go to Expo because I am there for the weekend.


Well documented


Haha I had not read that yet:

The solution was to block the ExpoGlare somehow. To accomplish this, Pinball Ambassador Eden Stamm acquired a metal collapsible table and a swivel chalkboard. With some assistance, he got the chalkboard on top of the table. Then, he climbed onto the metal table and used the swivel chalkboard to block out some of the sun’s rays for both players. It got the job done for a short while. When that failed, Eden then used a small dry-erase board and held it up above his head to block out the sun. That worked for the rest of the game.

Glue factory power!


Let’s do it …

It will be a $100 entry fee, with sidepots in $100 increments up to $500 max entry.

Looking to hire John Rhys Davies for callouts …


(Zach and I will be limiting ourselves to no Sidepot participation, and I’ll be personally sponsoring the endorsement fee on this to compensate for the ‘homefield advantage’.)


endorsement fee? Will this be worth IFPA point since it is invitation only?


Why wouldn’t it be? SCS and IFPA WC are invitationals.

“High stakes match play”… is this still planned to be a knockout as originally proposed, or a more traditional match play format? I didn’t see any format specifics in the announcement.


It’s not truly an invitational because there is open qualifying going on right now to determine who those POWER 100 players are.

Ultimately those spots are still up for grabs. Anyone ranked in the top 250 by the end of the year makes themselves eligible for the POWER 100 calculation at that time.


It’s still planned to be a three strikes. The subtilte of the event is “Get the F*CK Out of my House - part 1”.

I’ll add that I don’t consider an all day event like City Champ with guaranteed play for $100 to be “high stakes”. The whole idea of this is yes you can literally play 3 games for up to $500 if you choose to. Skip the BS and let’s get dirty.


so SCS aren’t invitationals either?


Correct…it qualifies as a “Circuit/Series” under our rules.


finally all those half-baked attempts on PAPA Classics would have an impact - pretty sure inside the top100 without them (at this time on position 11x).


Okay, the format choice makes perfect sense when you put it that way. If I had 30+ people in my house I’d want them leaving as fast as possible too! I’d love to be able to watch this live, even with a lousy camera setup and no commentary. High stakes entertainment!


I’m not opposed to throwing something up on Facebook Live through my iPad at home . . . that top notch IFPA quality that would one expect from our streams when I’m in charge :slight_smile:

(Thank goodness we have volunteers that have helped us broadcast some of our events at a higher quality than that)


Hey I thought the Banzai Run footage at Nationals a few years back was pretty slick!


Running a fair and reasonable tournament would help as well. Shifting the qualifying to “optional” a year after allowing top players to skip qualifying and then threatening to disqualify people that ask the tournament director to apply the rules evenly leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths.


By IFPA rules this tournament and all restricted entry tournaments are not eligible for WPPR points.

Q: How does an event become endorsed by the IFPA, and eligible to award World Pinball Player Rankings points?

A: The IFPA only recognizes open divisions of play to be included in the World Pinball Player Rankings. If certain players are prohibited from playing based on age, gender, skill or personal reasons, those results will not be counted. This includes B-divisions, Novice divisions, Women’s divisions, etc. Team events are also ineligble. The IFPA also requires that any endorsed tournament be listed on the IFPA Calendar a minimum of 30 days prior to the event being held. A website with full details about the event is also required.


Can you cite specifically what this event violates in your ruling listed? I’m not seeing it.


It is restricted by skill and not open to all competitors. It like the championship tournaments give the top players additional points over everyone else to ensure that they stay at the top.