IFPA POWER 100 Invitational


I find it hilarious that every time these threads come up someone is protesting how Circuit Finals or whatever is not an open tournament and should be disqualified, but I’ve never once seen anyone standing up to protest 21+ tournaments. Or how about tournaments held in locations that are not handicapped accessible? Or those with a cap on attendance? Totally not open.

The fact that the only place these concerns show up is where they affect the person in question is telling.


I’ve seen a lot of complaints about accessibility related issues…


Until Josh decided to try to fund higher payouts for his mutual admiration society by charging all of the people who have no chance of winning any of the money, I had no issue with his exclusionary tournaments. Now he is trying to come up with ways to make sure that anyone not already in the top 100 has no chance. I will call out his greed and arrogance for what it is. He seems to have a need to feed his ego and those of his friends.


I agree with the complaints. By the IFPA rules if it is not open to everyone it is not points eligible.


I disagree. I see it as every tournament on earth sanctioned by the ifpa being open qualifying and this being the finals.


By that logic it is $1 a year to the IFPA per person because it is all just one big tournament a year.


It is open to everyone. But if you don’t do well in qualifying (play and get yourself in the top 100), then you don’t make the finals.


The other issue with that is that with multiple top 100 tournaments a year, which one is the finals? If you have multiple and award points for each of them you are cheating the system by awarding points to the top players that are not accessible to other players to try to advance to the top 100.


Where are you seeing that there are multiple of these? I see one before Expo.

Also i understand your gripe with the $1 I really do, but what does hat have to do with a tournament with the top hundred ranked people that are paying $100-$250 bucks to play in a tournament with one another?


National and world finals, top 100 in Josh’s basement, and how ever many more Josh wants to sanction. If it is top 100 and not a national or world finals it is not part of the IFPA “qualifying” for the year, it is an exclusionary tournament no matter how you try to spin it. If you look at the national and world championships as being the end of a year long qualifying, we will each owe the IFPA $1 a year as we are all really only playing in one big tournament.


Interestingly enough the IFPA POWER 100 Championship actually stands to hurt most of the players that participate (with respect to their winning percentage). With everyone in the POWER 100 having a winning percentage of over 50% against the rest of the top 250, half of the players from this tournament are guaranteed to lose to more than 50% of the field.

The impact of this tournament with respect to WPPR’s will be minimal. I’m estimating a player count somewhere around 20-25 players, which puts the WPPR point haul at somewhere around 15 points to the winner.

Just wanted to make those quick points with respect to this particular championship. Time for me to get back to my greed and arrogance :slight_smile:


I have no problem calling you out for it Josh. It will be interesting to see what happens. I know that many of the Seattle area players will not play in an IFPA tournament next year. It is a blatant cash grab. If you want bigger prize pools like Pinburgh, charge the $120 entry fee and have 800 players like Pinburgh. If you want to keep it to the top 100 players and want to work to keep the same 100 players at the top, charge whatever you want and take each others money but leave the rest of us out of it.


Indeed . . . I can’t wait myself.

That’s exactly why we’ve made the endorsement fee as flexible as possible. If you don’t want to be a part of it, there shouldn’t be anyone forcing you to be a part of it. If it’s not something you want to participate in, please please don’t.


Are you willing to answer the question of why most of the IFPA sanctioned tournaments do not meet the criteria for WPPR points? Most are held in locations that do not allow all ages. Some of them are skill restricted.


I am not sure this will actually be true, but time will tell. there will be opportunities for either side of the spectrum available to all players.


Only open tournaments are included in the WPPR system. However, depending on circumstances, exceptions can be made.

It’s really not that big a deal.


It is a big deal. The rule does not say “Unless an exception is given”. Allowing exceptions opens a very real possibility of corruption or collusion. Now that Josh wants to introduce money in to the equation it is paramount.


Again. No requirement to participate. It’s an experiment to see how it is received. It sounds like you have no interest in it. Just don’t play. If it’s as bad as you think it’s gonna be, then it will go away.

Not a big deal.


Will this be streamed? Would love to see some good streaming coverage of this. Probably make for some awesome matches.


Can I do another one? Median Madness: Best Game, but the player with the median score on each machine gets 100 points and other players get points proportional to how close they are to the median player’s score (highest and lowest scores are awarded the fewest points).