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Hey Jokton! That’s good feedback. The IFPA api would have to return the efficiency results per event for me to do that. I am going to add a GitHub issue and see what’s possible, and ask Brian if that’s coming.

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Thanks @Richthofen ! I don’t think you need @Shep to help with this, to do the calculation, you need the players WPPR result for an event, and divide that by the “Tournament value” for the entire event. So if you take me for example, Player 47152, and look at my latest active event “ECS Switzerland”, my WPPR haul was 15.94, divided by the total “Tournament value” 149.73, so 15.94/149.73 = 10.645% Efficiency. If that Eff% value could appear on the “Results” table view, between the WPPR value earned (in this example was 15.94) and the date. It looks like there is enough space there to put that value (could be truncated of course to 10.65%). Does that help?

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Yup, thanks for the clarification. Will work on this for the next release. I still might need @Shep 's help because in order to get Tournament Value you have to query each tournament endpoint directly; the “Player Results” API call does not return tournament value. if a user has over 100 tournaments that would mean a huge amount of API calls.


Would anyone be interested in an Android (and later iOS) widget to display rank right on the android “desktop”?

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Yes IF you could choose between which ranking showed up. Main, Country, Women’s Open, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback, @timballs … for sure I would love to let you switch rankings. Right now the player endpoint only returns Main rankings. I talked to @Shep about this before but I’m pretty sure the country, women’s, etc delineations are separate views and so it could get expensive to return them. If I got the right endpoint for those, I would definitely add the ability to customize the widget.

I ended up shipping this morning version Android 3.0.3 which contains the Android widget. I know its not as useful as it could be, but when/if the API offers the ability to look up an individual player’s rank in other ranking profiles (Main, Country, Women’s Open, etc), I promise to offer support for it.


New version of IFPA app is being released today. It offers notifications for new tournaments added to the IFPA calendar for your search radius, which is why I’m posting here. It’s off by default but I think some people might find it useful.

  • Add notification option under settings to allow notification of new tournaments added to user’s calendar search location
  • Restore deep linking functionality
  • Restore App Indexing / Spotlight on iOS
  • Swipe to Delete on Favorites screen
  • Several UI fixes

Release 3.0.5 - New Tournament Calendar Item Notifications, Bug Fixes · edgiardina/IfpaMaui (github.com)


@Richthofen .

Here is a video of the “janky” scrolling of events on my iPhone 14 pro max. When scrolling down the UI jumps around to it’s hard to actually scroll and check out dates. You can also see it got stuck at the bottom and when I try to scroll up it keeps putting me at the bottom of the list.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

What device are you on? And what is the miles / location in the filter for the calendar? TY

Hmm. Can you also confirm ifpa app version number (in about page) and iOS version number?

I am on iOS 17 beta and iPhone 12 Pro and do not see the behavior . I can try the app in a 14 simulator tonight.


iPhone 14 Pro Max
iOS 16.6

Filter: Lakeland Florida
270 mi distance.

Ifpa app ver

Navigation pressing the system back button is not working and closes the app - how hard is it to add that via Maui? I’m a c# dev (winforms) by day so I might have a poke around the source code

What device and OS are you on that the back button crashes? MAUI supports back button actions I believe. I’ve been on a hiatus with the app since August. Please file an issue and if I can reproduce it I will try to carve out time on the holiday break to fix it. Thanks

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Android 14 pixel 6a

I will file an issue tonight when I get home from league

its not a crash from what I can tell, the back button is just being interpreted as closing the app

So, it looks like .NET MAUI respects the back button for normal navigation pages, but when using Shell, the navigation is not handled. I can override the back button and attempt to mimick the default behavior. I’m not an android user, so I want to ask what you think the best behavior is, Ben.

Behavior: back button on a sub-page of a tab goes back one navigation. So if I am in my profile and viewing my results, back brings me to the profile page again.
What happens if we are on a top level tab page, like my profile or ranking. Should the back button then exit the current app? Should it instead track the bottom tabs as selected, and try to go between tabs on back button? What happens if we are at the top of the nav stack and we press top?

This issue filed to track:
Back button on Android should move the user’s navigation back one page in Shell · Issue #115 · edgiardina/IfpaMaui (github.com)

I would expect the back button to correspond with the back arrow that appears in the top left. At a home tab when it’s not there, I’d expect it to close the app.

Strangely, with my Pixel 3 with a “soft” back button at the bottom of the screen, the back button behavior is correct.

interesting, i will try switching my system navigation to the buttons instead of gestures and try again to reproduce

editing to add a link to a screen recording

this same behavior happens with the gesture nav