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Hi there. I’m on Android, and the app has been crashing upon open for me for I’d say about a month. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, no succes. Anyone else having this issue?

My pixel is loading fine, what is your “my stats” profile?

Where specifically would I be looking for this?

No idea what changed, but it’s working again!

@Richthofen, is the ability to view the Women’s results through the app coming back? Or have they been moved? You used to be able to click on the icon in the upper right corner of the Tournament Results from your profile to switch between the rankings, but that functionality seems to be gone.

Hey Meghan I’m so sorry it’s not working. I am able to reproduce the bug . I will take a look at it tonight. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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First of all sorry I put that H in your name! Second, there’s a bug here:

That bug has been there a while, but coincidentially Microsoft also had a bug which ignored the “enabled” state of a toolbar button. so my bug was hidden by Microsoft’s bug, and Microsoft up and fixed the bug.

I am going to remove that check and always show the toolbar button, since it looks like Gender and a few other fields are not always present in a player record. I would still like the API to return what Ranking Type a player qualifies for, so that button can be hidden for those who only fit into Main ranking type. But for now I’ll work on getting a release to re-enable the button.


Updated the app and can confirm it works now. Thanks, @Richthofen!

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Don’t think it’s app specific but rather IFPA website but results currently aren’t moving to player and state profile pages. Looks like it started around Tuesday.

Quick question: I’ve been trying to indicate if a calendar event is of a non-main profile. So I’ve added the “chip” to show if an event is main, women, youth. Should I just omit the chip for “main” since that’s the default ranking? Should I color code the chips? I think a majority of the events this will denote are for those that want to play in Women’s events so I am looking for feedback around that. Thanks!

My vote is to include the chip for Main tournaments too (as it is now).

I think it would better if each ranking system had a different color chip.

I’d even recommend having a slight variation of color for leagues vs tournaments (e.g. medium red for Main Tournament; dark red for Main League; medium yellow for Women Tournament; dark yellow for Women League).


I agree with what tommyv said. Keep the chip for Main and colour code the different ranking systems.

If you colour code the rankings, will there remain a single dot on the date if there’s a tournament or will it display a dot per ranking? The latter would be a nice feature if it’s feasible.

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