HS2: Secret Mania - multiball bug?


I only know how to do an image search. Required skill when dealing with Kijiji ads.



  1. Everyone beat me that day.
  2. You had a great game on WOF. (high score?)
  3. WOF is a turd. (2nd only to RCT).
  4. I’m more of a Price Is Right guy…like when I’m on the show with Phil Birnbaum the day before INDISC!


Sacrilege! WoF is a great game that will sadly never be finished coding wise.


just my opinion. @travam …sorry to call your baby “ugly” (lol). I just don’t like the outlanes and center drain lanes. Of course, maybe I just suck at it (VERY likely!).


But you get so many chances to save the ball!


not the way I play


Hahaha we all like different things. I love WoF because the answer to most things is: just don’t flip and let the ball bounce.




You dabbled in the Eldritch art of Secret Mania and the Old Ones are pleased. Nothing is wrong here.


Just ban secret mania from being used on Getaway. I will continue to use secret mania on STTNG, Junkyard, and Who Dookie until further notice.


The length of your Who Dunnit games is too damn high!


In my local league one guy calls it “Secret Drainia” because he has a superstition that you will always drain while trying to milk it.


I’m surprised the Papa site doesn’t have anything on it. Too many words or just haven’t got around to it? As bugs go, it’s epic.

Isn’t the consensus that it’s an ok game for single game qualifying but not for multi player games (playoffs)?


Activating secret mania during a 4p competitive game is the pinball equivalent of sitting in a crowded hot tub and taking a dump. Just don’t do it.


It’s funny, I did this in PAPA B semi finals many years ago. I have no idea why I did it and I yelled at myself when I did. It caused the lock ramp to be permanently stuck up for the rest of the game – for all four players. It didn’t help I was player 1 on ball 1.


You took a dump in a crowded hot tub??



Morbid curiosity… that’s the only explanation I have for why one’s hand subconsciously reaches for the shifter upon seeing those three police cars. You know it’ll ruin the game, but you still wonder exactly HOW it’ll go down this time. Maybe, by chance, the resulting mess might be beneficial for once? (has secret mania actually ever resulted in a beneficial situation?)


Never say never. Wait 20 years time for the vault edition or retro edition. I foresee, when PPS get around to Cactus Canyon, it will come with a revised and enhanced rule set.

Here be the ROM fix for The Getaway:


Don’t worry, the vault edition is already here!