HS2: Secret Mania - multiball bug?

We had a game of HS2, where player 1 played Secret Mania as I expect it to work. Player 2 also activated Secret Mania, but it released all 3 balls into play. Player 1 looked at me and said, that isn’t right, is it?

Was this just a normal releasing balls when it shouldn’t bug, or some complex 2 people both playing Secret Mania bug/feature I don’t know about.

No ruling was asked for, so our TDs did not need to make that decision, although I think P2 was going to win even without it.


I’ve heard/read a few times that Secret Mania has the potential to mess up the game state on HS2 and ROMs with the mode removed are preferred for high-level competitive play. I don’t know the details but I would guess you hit a bug.



Does secret mania reset your normal multiball progress? Because I swear that happened to me last time I tried.

… ________?" If ______ is to screw you in some way or mess up the game, then the answer is Yes. :slight_smile:

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4th line down is where things mess up . . .

Oh…Well if they tried to implement the standard model of the Lagrangian on a WPC I can see why it has problems.


If they did, it had to be on HS2, considering the music.


This was at our League playoffs and I was Player 1. Neither I nor Player 2 were having a good game and when I had the option on ball 3 to do Secret Mania I decided ‘What the heck?’ and went for it (obviously a bad move in hind sight). I ended up about 7 million up on Player 2 after draining. Player 2 locked their 2nd ball and decided to start Secret Mania as well as they saw what I did, they had made a comment they didn’t know about it before they saw me do it. When Secret Mania started it released all 3 balls from the lock and proceeded to win the match. I was having a terrible day thus far already and wasn’t worth making it a big deal, although I did beat @PinballProfile on WOF so I’ll take that as a consolation prize.


@pinwizj please tell me you where implying this joke when you posted that image. That would be brilliant.

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LOL I wish . . . I literally google image’d “sophisticated math formula” and went with the funniest image I saw. The fact that people actually know what that formula is gives me faith in humanity that we’re a smart species :slight_smile:


I only know how to do an image search. Required skill when dealing with Kijiji ads.


  1. Everyone beat me that day.
  2. You had a great game on WOF. (high score?)
  3. WOF is a turd. (2nd only to RCT).
  4. I’m more of a Price Is Right guy…like when I’m on the show with Phil Birnbaum the day before INDISC!

Sacrilege! WoF is a great game that will sadly never be finished coding wise.


just my opinion. @travam …sorry to call your baby “ugly” (lol). I just don’t like the outlanes and center drain lanes. Of course, maybe I just suck at it (VERY likely!).

But you get so many chances to save the ball!