How to check code revision in the wild

Apologies in advance if this has been asked but I couldn’t find an answer.

Is there a way to check the existing code revision on a Stern LCD machine without rebooting it? Curious to know when in a location and I’m not sure what version is running as I certainly wouldn’t want to cycle it. Could be helpful in a tournament as you know!

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Why not? Doesn’t hurt anything. Only way I know how to do it without the keys.


If power cycling isn’t possible, play it during warm ups, or watch your competitor’s balls for signs of what code rev, based on scoring, etc.

Power cycling is easiest, tho. As Chuckwurt said, it won’t hurt anything…

From an operator’s view. Don’t do this on my games. If you want to know something, ask me. I’ll know or find out for you.

I don’t like players turning games on/off. I had a player turn my AFM off and back on fast, and took out two fuses on my A V board.

Crap can happen at power up and I don’t want to be blaming a customer.

LTG : )


For modern Sterns, I would really like this implemented via the secret code system. Maybe it is already there and I just don’t know the code.

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At the Game Preserve in Spring TX I once moved a EM game with a stuck coil so I could unplug it. As I did, a frayed cord shorted on one of the legs and blew the breaker, turning off several games. The attendant did not seem grateful for my ‘help’.

I was always a bit surprised that the software version number wasn’t displayed on the instant info splash screen also.


Thanks for the feedback everyone. I, too, wouldn’t think power-cycling someone else’s game is a good idea but it’s surprising it’s not available to see without doing so. Perhaps it will be an option added in the future - like on the title splash screen in the lower right in small’ish print or something.


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Definitely would be nice to have displayed in both attract mode and instant info!

Yeah as an Op I hate it when people power cycle the games someone has blown up a game on more than one occasion doing this. If you do still feel the need to do it at least wait 5-10 seconds after turning the game off to turn it back on.

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Making the software revision easily available to players isn’t a good idea. Without that knowledge, a player has to drop coins to find out. If a game has old software, easily checking would only discourage coin drop. The vast majority of location players are casual, who don’t care. But why give experienced players the opportunity to not drop coins? They could make it an option in the software that’s disabled by default.

Some locations never update their software. The Santa Cruz boardwalk is one.

I never minded when folks cycled power on my location games to check. They’re commercial grade machines that are cycled hundreds of times a year. If a power cycle takes out your game, there was probably something wrong to begin with.

On (other people’s) locations, I usually won’t hesitate to cycle power. If it’s a high end place with nice games and lots of eyeballs watching I might not, but those places generally keep their software updated. I’ll also sometimes level a game if needed, but that’s a little more intrusive.

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Since we get so many updates these days, they should add an extra LCD screen to display it at all times.

Kidding of course.

Or am I…?

lol yeah, actively try to NOT service your customers - great way to stay in business!


Ugh. What a dispiriting point of view. I feel for your customers.

I’ve often toyed with the idea of just showing it in attract mode, maybe I’ll go ahead and put it in. RFM did this, I don’t remember if SWE1 did or not. The only other time I remember is when I did a silly attract mode screen in HRC when I rewrote the OS.


With these new LCD screens it should just be added as fine print along the bottom of a few attract mode screens.

Bonus points for using a flipper code or something to displaying it quick, but the above would be all we really need.

When I had games out, I maintained them religiously. Once a week or more whether they needed it or not. Software was always updated quickly. One of my locations was the home base for the local league (BAPA). I got compliments on my games regularly. The only exception was Ripley’s, which I intentionally kept on slightly older code because ‘Go Backwards’ wasn’t in the final revision.

There are plenty of locations out there that don’t update their games regularly. Those are the locations I’m talking about. Not me. I think there’s still a Spiderman around here with 0.0 code. Would you play a Spidey with 0.0 code?

Adding the ability to easily check the software version would be very much like radio mode on the music pins. Very cool feature, but will/ could discourage coin drop. Ok for home use, not so good for location games. Radio mode is disabled by default.

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I guess you just gotta know your location/operator on what is acceptable. I turn games off all the time to check code versions where I play/host league. They have zero problem with it.

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I think it would be ok on JJP games because they cost more and are more likely to be updated. It’s the old Sterns out there that I’m thinking about.

Maybe, if I was bored and there weren’t other games to play. Better question: should the operator be rewarded for not updating his game for 10+ years?