High Stakes Challenge Anyone?

Anyone interested in some high stakes pinball action? Looking to play heads up against another person across 11-15 games, best of 3 format on each machine. Winner of each machine gets a point. Total points after 15 games is the winner. Each person will put up around $300 to $500. Hoping to stream the action as well. Location can be anywhere that we have access to 15-20 machines of various eras. I’m willing to drive up to 3 hours. Located in central Delaware. Let me know if you are interested! I have a few people already interested and this could potentially grow into a mini 6-8 person tournament.

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Absolutely and I think we should have more of these. Pre-Covid I was looking to get a high stakes tournament in the Cleveland area. Definitely will once this is over I’ll put it into action.

Do it. Depending on the date I might be interested in making a trip out that way!

Location will need to be an place where the games can be setup for good tournament play maybe not very hard where people can’t really show the skills to well

Who’s the TD?

Looking initially to do 1v1. We don’t need a TD for that. I’m ready to play tomorrow night if someone wants to match up.

Do you have a loose rule sheet? Or just personal agreements on malfunctions and X factors like that?

Just loose right now. Initially I’m just trying to match up with someone to play some highly competitive pinball with a decent amount of cash on the line. Looks like I will have 1-2 matches happening in the next couple of weeks.

for high stakes the games should be a bit hard but not at the very hard level where it can be about who can get in 2-3 shots before an quick drain

Agree. Moderns will have about a 3 second ball save. MB ball saves will be about 5-8 seconds. No Outlane rubbers, and a moderate tilt.

I’m in at a $500/game 1v1 skins game, 15 games.

( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

Put me in too. I love a good challenge and nothing better when you got big bucks on the line.

Do you have a streaming rig? Let’s go!!

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Come back to Seattle for a weekend :smiley:

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Batman billions! $1 for every billion


Maybe if you don’t double your opponents score, the skin carries over to the next game?

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Ok folks. It’s officially happen. Actually have like 5 people lined up. Once I get the first match blocked in with a location and date I will let everyone know. Still finalizing the streaming aspect.


My favorite high stakes format is 10 strikes, each strike costs you a finger.

I’d take that action all day but the border is closed :wink:

Let’s see how I fare in the first few match ups. If I go like 0-3 or 0-4 it might have to put an end to the challenges from me for a bit. :grinning: