High Stakes Challenge Anyone?

I would host a Canadian high stakes event fully streamed in our facility. Just have to get to Edmonton :grinning:.


First match up is confirmed. Going down this Tuesday night (11/17), sometime after 430pm. Match up will be Chad Hastings vs Pete Tsipouras for $400. I’m still working out the little details and will post them once we finalize them.

I’m going to attempt to stream this, but be warned this will not be a state of the art stream. Probably will be very streamlined as my focus will be on playing.

After this match, I still have 9 more people ready to play for some high stakes.

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Game list below for Tuesday nights battle. We are playing in a private home that neither of us have ever played at. Each player is putting up $400. First game we be randomly picked, from there the loser will get choice of position or game. We are playing the best of 3 format on each machine with the winner receiving 1 point. We will play a race to 7, so whoever gets to 7 first we will the challenge. If we go the distance we will end up playing 13 different machines.

Cirqus Voltaire

Dialed In LE

Spider-Man VE

Guardians of the Galaxy Pro

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek Pro

AC/DC Premium Vault

Avengers: Infinity Quest LE

Elvira LE

The Addams Family

Revenge From Mars - (needs work, may not be available)

Wizard of Oz: Emerald City LE



Space Shuttle

Time Warp

The Flintstones


Fathom * (needs work, may not be available)


Wipe Out

Middle Earth

Fish Tales

Doctor Who

Dr. Dude * (needs work, may not be available)


…times 3 games each. That’s between 14 and 39 total games, mostly moderns. I’m betting you don’t finish Tuesday night.


I’ve been stewing over this all weekend as well. We might knock it down to 11 games max.
Just need to find a sweet spot since we have so much at stake.

If the number of games sounds short, think about the time instead. Best of 11 machines (and toss out the best-of-three games per machine part)? Even at a potentially low estimate of 10 minutes per player, per game, that could be almost four hours. You’re playing pinball for $100 an hour! Seems reasonable for high stakes.

So, is this going to be streamed? And if so, where do I watch?

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I’m going to attempt to stream this with a very basic setup using Facebook Live under the First State Flippers account. This first match up transpired so quickly that I didn’t have time to figure out full streaming logistics.

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Pushing 6pm est before we get live.

Taking a 5 minute break. After 6 games Chad is leading 4-2.

All done. Chad won 7-4. Fantastic games all night long. Great job Pete and thanks for playing!!

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Started Game 1 around 615pm and finished at 10:50pm. Played 11 total machines. Total games played was 26.

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First State Flippers held its first ever High Stakes Challenge last night and it ran very well! Here is what I would like to do next. I want to start an email thread with people who are 100% interested in matching up with other players for some high stakes action. If you want in, then let me know and I will start a new email thread where all the players are identified so we can start planning more match ups. So please send me a text or direct message if you are “all in” for some hot pinball action! My thought process moving forward is to have 2-3 high stakes challenges playing at the same time at a specific location (not a mini tournament with 4-6 people, just 2 or 3 individual match ups running simultaneously).

Below is a quick recap of what took place last night and how it worked.

Chad Hastings, IFPA rank #416 matched up against Pete Tsipouras, IFPA rank #680. We agreed to play at a private residence that neither of us have ever played at before. Granted, this won’t always be the case during these match ups, but the goal is to try and be fair as possible and find a place that makes sense for the players matching up. We decided to play a “race to 7”, meaning the first person with 7 points would be the winner. Points were earned by winning a best of 3 format on each machine played. We decided to employ the best of 3 format to cut down on the games that could be won because of house balls, etc. The first game we played last night was randomly selected by the computer and then we flipped a coin to see who would be P1. From there we decided to automatically switch positions on that specific game regardless of winning or losing. After we played the best of 3 format on Game 1, the winner received 1 point and the loser got to pick either game or position next. We started Game 1 around 615pm and finished at 10:50pm. We played 11 machines total and the total games played was 26. We took about a 10-15 minute break in the middle for refreshments. Chad won the match 7-4 and took home $350. We followed IFPA rules with the exception of stuck balls during MB, we modified that rule to play on. We actually had zero rulings and zero stuck balls last night.

So there it is. If you have additional questions, comments, or feedback let me know. Let’s get some more challenges going!!!

All - Last chance to get included in the High Stakes Challenges email thread. It’s 100% happening and we currently have 12 players signed up. Let me know if you want in or not as this will be the last invitation I send out. Thanks!

Quick update - we now have 14 people total on the email chain. We also have 3 locations at private homes to use to help make these matchups comes to fruition. We have a home in Harrisburg, PA with about 20 machines both new and solid states. We have a home in Northeast Philly with about 35 machines, again a mixture of new and SS’s. Finally we have a home in Middletown, DE with about 25 machines and again its a great mix of new and SS’s with one EM.

We are currently looking for players to match up on 12/13 at our Harrisburg, PA location. If anyone is interested let me know. I’m willing to play, just looking for a dance partner.

Also, on 12/20 we have 2 matches booked at our Delaware location.

First matchup - Joe Fox Sr (IFPA Rank 2951) vs Joe Casacio (IFPA Rank 4689)

Second matchup - Chad Hastings (IFPA Rank 416) vs Joe Fox Jr (IFPA Rank 1803)

Just had another challenge come across today. Andrew Pancoast, ranked #272 will be battling Chad Hastings, ranked #416 on Friday night (12/11). I doubt this will be streamed, but we might pull something off. In the meantime let’s get some more match ups going!!

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Just a quick update for the high rollers out there. Match ups are still taking place and we still have players looking to match up, so if you are interested let me know! We now have 4 private locations available to play at.

A few quick recaps of recent matches.

12/11 - Andrew Pancoast took down Chad Hastings 7-5 for $300 peanuts.

12/20 - Chad Hastings took down Joe Fox Jr 7-3 for $200 peanuts

12/20 - Rick “The Prince of Pinburgh” Prince took down Joe Fox Sr 7-4. They did something a little interesting in regards to the amount they bet. They decided to bet $50 on each machine and then the overall winner would also get an additional $100. So, if someone performed a clean sweep of 7-0 the winner would have taken home $450 and if the match had went to the final game, then the winner would have taken home $150.

I’m available on 1/2 if anyone wants to match up!

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We finally have another High Stakes challenge doing down this weekend (3/6). We should be starting around 12pm and the location will be The Foxhole in Middletown, DE (private location). This match up will be Cliff Albert vs Chad Hastings for a whole lotta peanuts!!!

We will be attempting to stream this, if we fail at streaming it on Twitch --> https://www.twitch.tv/delawarepinball then we will at least provide a single camera stream on Facebook Live ----> https://www.facebook.com/1ststateflippers


Epic High Stakes Challenge just went down!!! Chad Hastings vs Cliff Alberts in a race to 7. We battled all the way to a GAME 7!!! Each game selected was played in a best of 3 format to determine the winner of that game and earn ONE POINT. The loser of each game got to either pick game or position the following round.

Below are the list of games played and the score for each one. Big props and shout out to Cliff Albert, we had some very intense games today!!!

Comet (random selection) - Cliff won 2-0

Deadpool (Cliff picked) - Cliff won 2-0

Mata Hari (Cliff Picked) - Chad won 2-1

Metallica (Chad picked) - Cliff won 2-0

Iron Maiden (Chad picked) - Cliff won 2-0

Attack From Mars SE (Chad picked) - Chad won 2-0

Willy Wonka LE (Chad picked) - Chad won 2-0

Stranger Things Prem (Chad picked) - Chad won 2-0

Jurassic Park (Cliff picked) - Chad won 2-0

Future Spa (Cliff Picked) - Cliff won 2-1

Avatar (Chad picked) - Cliff won 2-0

Iron Man (Chad picked) - Chad won 2-0

Guardians (Cliff picked) - Chad won 2-0