Hey tiltforums, you got called out.

Not Avengers…Endgame! The snap!

257 is open and gameworks is not.
Bars are open (not Chicago)

Edits to Pinball Map increased a lot starting about 1 month ago.

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Can you give us a general overview? Maybe a count of “permanently closed” locations? General idea of the changes - are locations that are still open keeping the same number of games?

I don’t think the data will be meaningful at this point, due to the fact that “permanently closed” is still largely unknown. I mean, we know some spots here and there that have closed. But we’re not really going to know until things open up more. I can take a look at the data, but I have a feeling it won’t be that notable at this point. The most notable changes are that general edits decreased by a LOT, then they creeped back up, and now they’ve shot up. And we’re now getting lots of new locations submitted.

I know I didn’t give any numbers here… but, life is busy.

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Does this include ap usage at all? I go to the web page a few times a month, but go to the ap more often for smaller things like checking dates or random pieces of info.

I did see that I dropped over 100 places recently. Must have been a Pinburgh event decaying.

And 10k a day? Wow, that’s impressive.

I’m not exactly sure what’s included . . . I’m just using Google Analytics for www.ifpapinball.com and reading those results :-\

August 2018 --> 9,826 page views per day
August 2019 --> 10,350 page views per day
August 2020 --> 1,437 page views per day

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~10% traffic makes a lot more sense to me than the ~50% traffic from the last post on visit numbers.


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