Help a newbie - registering a super selfie league with IFPA

Do I add it as a league, a tournament, or both (add the league, then also add finals as a tournament)?

I assume a super selfie league is unlimited qualifying? If so, what do I put in the hours of qualifying box?

It’s a tournament :slightly_smiling:

The only super leagues that are actually leagues are the ones that separate out weeks into separate qualifying sessions. The super selfie league that we run in Chicago is a glorified Herb tourney with qualifying that lasts all month instead of just a couple of days.

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awesome, thanks!

one would say the selfie super league need to be renamed :slight_smile: Maybe Selfie Pinball Showdown? lol

Another quick question regarding selfie leagues and TGP:

Both Level 257 and Main St. Amusements invite all participants to finals, in different divisions. Does this violate the 50% qualifying cut rule or not? I see multiple interpretations of wppr 5.2 and I’d like clarification on which is the case.

  1. Because, say, the 5th place qualifier can’t actually win outright, the 50% rule doesn’t apply and TGP is calculated as 20% unlimited qualifying + 6 (for example) games used for qualifying + finals = total games played. The results are submitted according to how all divisions played out.

  2. Everyone gets to play in playoffs but only the A division playoff results affect the standings that get submitted - B and below are submitted as how the players qualified and the other playoffs are simply consolation. TGP is still calculated as #1.

  3. The selfie qualification portion of the tournament is seen as “seeding” since all players play in finals, and TGP is calculated as 20% + games in finals and does not include selfie games as TGP eligible.

I’m guessing #1 is the case, but before I submit our final format, I’d like to know for sure.

#1 … But only because there’s no restrictions on the other divisions.

If we said “nobody ranked in the top 100 can qualify lower than B division” then it would render all those other divisional finals not-endorsed activity.

Thank you!

+20% is just added to qualifying games? 5 games used. Add 20% equals 6 games played? 4 player finals playing 4 matchplay games equals 8 for finals. 14 TGP for event?

Never noticed the +20% for over 20 hours of unlimited qualifying.

It’s in our rules:

“For tournaments that offer UNLIMITED qualifying attempts, TGP will be increased by 1% per hour that open qualifying is available for all competitors. Please note that this time component is only available for tournaments with UNLIMITED qualifying attempts, and is limited to a 20% increase in TGP from this time component.”

That’s why you’ll see in the calendar/results submission a section on whether there is unlimited qualifying and if so how many hours.

So for us it is 5 qualifying games (20%), plus we played 6 matchplay games for finals (48%), plus the hundreds of hours of unlimited qualifying attempts (20%), for a total of 88% TGP.

I get it now. The 20% gets added to total TGP. Perfect.

Maybe I’m dense, but: What should one put in the “Maximium [sic] Games to Win” field when registering a super selfie league?

Maximum games to win is misleading at this point with how we calculate TGP.

This should be your best guess based on the format.

For example, we have 5 qualifying games, and then 3 finals games that are 4-player groups, so that gets the 2X bonus. I input “11” when I submit our league to the calendar.

Thanks! Follow-up question: if each person can get points for his/her two best scores on each qualifying game, would that impact the calculation?

Edit: The TGP calculator (if it is correct) answered my question: Yes, it would double the number of qualifying “games”.

You bet! Maximum is 3 scores per game being used. After people actually starting using the best ‘25 scores used’ per game we had to dial this in a bit :slightly_smiling:


I’d like to get clarification on that- I’ve been running a league for over a year where we “lock” B/C division for finals for ifpa purposes. We run a full finals with the same format as A for prizes but it doesn’t affect submitted rankings, I did this because the guide on tgp is pretty clear that 10-50% of players need to be eliminated or it’s considered seeding.

To be 100% sure, “eliminated” here means no longer eligible to take first in the league/tournament, and as long as lower divisions have no eligibility restrictions, reporting ranking based on additional post-elimination play is acceptable.

100% completely accurate :slight_smile:

I am also now trying to figure out our format for when we can get started, and this looks to be closest to what would happen for us.

Is this right?

5 Qualifying games out of X-many Herb style = 20%
3 PAPA finals 4-player group games = Top 8 people made finals? = 48%?
Unlimited monthly = 20%
Total = 88%

So in order to get to 100% at some point in the future, we would either need to:

  • Get to 8 Qualifying games Herb style to increase 12%

  • Get to at least a top 12 PAPA final using 3 game matches

  • Keep the top eight PAPA final, but use 4-game matches

Or some other combination in between?


Hey all,

I’m running a selfie league in Sydney, and hoping someone can enlighten me on a few things.

What happens to people that qualify but dont turn up for the finals day? Do they still count as finishers?

typically in a tournament if that happens those people are placed last in the finals. So if you have 20 people in a tournament, and top 8 are in finals, but one of them doesn’t show up, they are automatically 8th place. If you have someone on standby who was in 9th place and they then can play in finals then that person who didn’t show would be 9th.

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