Hardest Shot in Pinball?

I’m trying a little something different with my Top 5 list on The Pinball Players Podcast. Instead of me coming up with the list, I’m asking players to give their answer on a topic.

Care to contribute? What do you think is the hardest shot in pinball? Enter the game, then the shot on this Google Form and I’ll count the results. The 5 most popular responses will make up the list to be announced on the next episode.

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Tron - Gem
T2 - super jackpot (cannon shot)
NGG - Hole in One (by cart)
SW - death star (maybe this one is just me!)
DI - sim card
KISS - right ramp

Do you count shots like the Renfield\Asylum shot on BSD? I don’t think you can shoot it directly.

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3-way skill shot on RZ
Gem on Tron
Right ramp on GB Pro

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Does the TZ lock shot count? Tends to reject the ball much more often than not.

Played that tonight. A mate of mine, after watching me play, said to me “I shot the lock and it didn’t stick and went STDM on me. When you shot it, it went straight in.”

My answer: “Yes, because I shot it properly” :wink:


Right ramp/ upside down shot on tales from the crypt.

3 way combo on whirlwind.

WOF skill shot


Final Draw on WCS or a lit lock shot on Aerosmith. I can hit the scoop on WCS for TV awards. I can hit the lock shot on Aerosmith when it’s not lit. But when either of those are lit suddenly they become the hardest shot in pinball.


Mr. and Mrs. Pac-man Skill Shot


Final Draw on WCS. It’s RIGHT THERE!!! Why is it so tough!?!?


The left lane on Jungle Lord


The hardest shot in pinball is whatever I need to secure a victory.


Bonus Collect saucer on Genie/saucer on Surfer/Surfer Champ. These are basically the same shot and very difficult to hit from the flippers (plenty of bounce-ins from the pops though).

Mystery scoop on Metallica when Crank it Up is lit.


This can be fixed by adding one or two washers to the back legs of the metal housing of the lock shot.


It’s got to be the Hole in One, right?

Hitting Sim Card shot directly is IMO too hard, but at least you can get it accidentally/indirectly.

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Cheetah: left loop


Had a variation to this thread a while back…

Stern Pirates of the Carribean super duper skill shot!


I’m with @pascal and @spraynard. The Cheetah shot is pretty straight forward, but just insanely narrow and long. I also believe it’s better to get a double rollover on the switch at the very top and not go all the way through if memory serves. The Stern PotC is probably more difficult, but it’s more of a skillshot than a regular shot. Still, good answers both.

What is does the left lane switch on Cheetah do again? Collects bonus, right?